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Developing Self Analysis

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Essay Preview: Developing Self Analysis

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There is no doubt that everyone has weakness of their character, these shortcomings in the work and life to bring a lot of trouble to people. However, not everybody can aware of the existence of these vulnerabilities, and take the initiative to find that to improve them. Even somebody take their weakness as their strength. This is the reasons why self-analysis and continuous self-development become more and more popular among the managers.


Self-analysis means "an independent methodical attempt to study and comprehend one's own personality, emotions, and behavior."(Mifflin, 2009) According to El-Alayli and Gabriel (2010, pp.1572), self-analysis is a self-validation motivation that make people check themselves to avoid be blamed due to the weakness or get benefits from the strength.

Self-analysis' first advantage is helping the managers to realize their weakness to build the relationship in workplace. Caldwell (2010, pp.394) claim that Personal identity and self-awareness have been used as the two important elements to identity one's skill in communication. Such as some people have a bad relationship with the people around. Though self-analysis then ask the people around to use a feedback to control their behaviors (Power, 1973). This way can realize where their weakness is and try to fix it to make the relationship better. A good manager can get all of the information in the feedback, and use the information to do the self-analysis, thus to have better performance next time.

The second advantage of self-analysis is helping managers to find their strength and benefit from these strengths at the same time. People's future improvement has been proved by their awareness by themselves (Perloff, 1987). If a manager cannot have the self-awareness, they will not find the strength they already have and haven't done anything to benefit from it. That cause some misunderstand to themselves in the working and learning. Most of people realize the strength, such as responsibility, for more attention when they already have them than they do not (Campbell, 1986). The fact is more earlier individuals find their strength, more easily they can accepted by their employers (Jovanovic, 1979, pp.973) because they know what they can do, and can finish it better than others. So self-analysis can help managers find their strength much quickly and easily, and have more strength in the future.

The third reason for the importance of self-analysis is it can become a motivation for people to view the ability which they do not have and try to make themselves possess it. It can make people to expect become better in the future (Dykman, 1998). After self-analysis, people can find some ability they do not have but they want to have. In this way, According to El-Alayli and Gabriel (2007, pp.1573): "they could take credit for the positive traits they possess



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