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Development of New Faculty in Higher Education

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Essay Preview: Development of New Faculty in Higher Education

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The college has the ability to develop partnership with the local council and diverse group of agencies around college. Some faculty has god experience, expertise and ability of securing funds for college development and commence cutting edge scholarships. With the help of the college faculty and programs a great importance has been given to the physical activities which can provide lifelong health and wellness. Opportunities of cross curricular synergies are provided by programs due to the broad based disciplinary bases because of the programs emphasis on the physical activity which are a lot attractive to students. New programming opportunities can be obtained by present reputation of the college for quality programming and geographical location for new modes of delivery. Physical activity has growing recognition and even college have initiatives in health associated areas which provide excellent opportunities for developing research centre focusing on certain activities within the department boundaries.

9.4 Threats

The faculty and program stability are threatens by the turnover in the institutional leadership. The accountability and affordability driving programmes are connected to the political pressures. As students have initiated interest in some certain programs which have created an atmosphere of negativity towards other programs. Even in college premises there are some misconceptions and myths about the working of departments in relation to academic and scholarly activities. Many competitors' colleges are establishing innovative services which would provide a better facility for student to study and this could generate threat of competitiveness to our institution. Financial problems, changing priorities and external threats can generate internal tension which could affect the working of the institution. More opportunities for students and sufficient resources along with diverse programming would produce competition with other colleges.



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