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Why Is Higher Education Important to You

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Essay Preview: Why Is Higher Education Important to You

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Topic: Other than future monetary benefit, why is higher education important to you?

No one can deny benefit of higher education can bring to us. Specifically, it can give us better chances, advantages to find a better jobs, it also gives us a higher respect from our society. Do I need to go further in education if monetary benefit is my key motivate? For me, besides monetary benefit, higher education plays an important role. In fact, it gives me a chance making my dream come true, and the most important, it helps me fulfill my life.

As a young child, I was attracted to sci-fi films because of exploration of the planets. Anyone, who has ever seen the television series "Star Wars," will never forget the imposing space ships connecting planets, robot troops; dangerous battles in the space, and of course, two human-like robots. In the television series "Star Trek," I really took part in adventures of the Enterprise spaceship to mysterious planets at the speed of light. From scientific television programs, I followed footsteps of scientist from the deepest ocean to the roof of our planet home; from the world of micro scope to the world of the greatest stars. I also learned how to explain some natural phenomena by basic science knowledge. I had no doubt in my mind that I would become a scientist when I grow up.

Simultaneously with my grown up, my knowledge in natural science became more mature. I started having serious questions in science and reality. I wonder whether we are the only have intelligence in our universe or not. Have alien ever visited us? Are they hiding somewhere in our planet to observer us? Where were we from? We were made by God or we were just product of alien's experiment or just by a magic of our mother nature. Moreover, I like to keep track development of science. I still remember how surprising and admirable I were when I knew biologist finally decoded human gene, how excited I were when Mars Pathfinder space craft landed on Mars surface. As a result, my childhood dream to become a scientist was more clearly and stronger. And from bottom of my heart, I knew high education is the only way to find out answers for my questions, to satisfy my aspiration to explore in scientific fields.

Nowadays, human being faces up to many tough challenges. Our mother Earth become more and more cramped by speed of population increase. We are being affected by the changing of climate, global warming, and pollution of environment. We have more people to feed, but less cultivated area. We are threaten by appearing of many incurable diseases. We are on the way to self destroy by our greed, lack of knowledge, and our selfishness. Will our civilization decay and vanish as accent Egypt civilization? The answer will be known soon, and depend on our own. Recognizing our critical condition, many scientists from around the world come together and fight for us by their



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