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Is a Higher Education Worth the Price?

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Essay Preview: Is a Higher Education Worth the Price?

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Is a Higher Education Worth the Price?

Liberty University

ENGL 101

High school graduation is the pinnacle for most high school students. Most of them are filling

out college applications and applying for scholarships, grants, or financial aid. While, some

parents have been putting away for children if they chose to go to college as well as those who

are better off paying out of their own pocket others are getting loans to pay for their child’s

college. In a world where most people tend to go to online classes or just get a certification or for

job, is getting a higher education worth the price?

Anyone who understanding Macbeth was a genius in my advance literature class in high school.

The levels of learning are based on how well the student mastered one course at time. In

Elementary, students are provided the basis to master math, english, and reading. Each grade is a

prepares the student for the next phase of the previous course. I remember having a summer

book list for the next school year. Once the fall semester started we were assigned book reviews

and projects. I would like to say that during high school all my friends and I could think about

was being well prepared for college. But honestly, the only thing I was thinking about was

graduating and moving out my mom’s house. I never studied for a single class, I just went to

school and as long as I passed and graduated with my class. At this time I did fairly well on my

ACT. I got offered a few scholarships to different colleges that I applied to locally and in the

southeast I took the one that offered the most money and was the furthest away thinking it was a

god send but in less than a semester I was back home working a dead in job because I felt it was

a waste of my time and I needed money to survive on my own something I did not have.

The question still remains… What does it meant to be educated and is it worth the price? It helps

to invest in your education when you can afford to do so. You may have to pay for reduced

teacher student ratio in High school. Which helps the student to retain and excelled in there

studies. Attending community college allows you to excelled in your courses without the added

stress. This is also an effective way of reducing the cost of college electives. As Kohn states, “ It

would be a mistake to reduce schooling to vocational preparation, if only because we can easily

imagine graduates who are well-prepared for the workplace (at least for some workplaces) but

whom we would not regard as well-educated (Kohn, 2003). Once you get into your field of

choice, you may find all the years of mastering Algebra to be not needed. So many college

students get a degree that they never use. It’s obtained as a requirement toward there life long

career. Quiet often you never use your degree in your career. Most of us can’t



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