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Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection

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Essay Preview: Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection

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Development Of A Multinational Personnel Selection System

Case Analysis

Group E2

Abhishek Roy (13104)

Ashwin Shetty (13115)

Debjani Mohapatra (13118)

Karthek Iyer (13128)

Sujit Mathew (13155)

Problem statement

In the context of global restructuring at ComeInTec and with ComInTec's new objective to standardize all human resource instruments for selection purposes around the globe, there was huge pressure on Dr. Koch and his team whose recommendations were rejected by the global headquarters and now Dr. Koch needs justify his team's recommendations, make Mr Koenig understand why drastic untested steps in this regard could be dreadful and he needs to prepare to face the consequences and may be even have to downsize his team.

SWOT Listing


* Huge cultural variety which enables the firm to have access to various cultural insights at the same time regarding the same issues.

* Was able to survive the crises period of 2003-2006 through proper management of resources and downsizing.

* Workforce contains people from various domains and backgrounds giving the workforce a rich diversity.


* The current work atmosphere is not very healthy; there is a lot of tension in the atmosphere.

* The current recruitment system is flawed and has been the root of some major issues.

* Friction between people belonging to different cultures; people not being able to function as a team

* People do not respect or value each other's inputs and reaching a consensus is very difficult.

* The targets set by the top management are set without taking into account the feedback from the people who actually have to achieve these targets.

* Lack of proper training and other orientation programs for people relocating to culturally alien places.


* The new standardized global HR system will enable to overcome some of the problems faced by ComeInTec.


* Personnel affairs have always been overlooked in terms of allocation of time and budget.

* If Dr. Koch is not able to convince Peter Koenig about his team's recommendations regarding the new global HR system, he may have to face the consequence and members of his team may be laid off.

PESTC Analysis


The trade restrictions have been reduced and lot of global companies are setting up divisions in Hong Kong and surrounding regions. There is a massive increase in the amount of foreign investment in the APAC region as increasing number of foreign players are encouraged to set up their business here.


The world economy was in an expansion state. Increasing number of businesses was going global due to the trade favouring policies of various governments.


As more and more people from various cultures across the globe come together there is bound to be some friction at the workplace. Not everyone is able to gel in with the different types of people around them and people have trouble coping with these new social factors.


As there is much advancement in the field of technology it is bound to affect the functioning of a business which holds technology close to its core.


The people have are not expatriates, the domestic people here are very reserved. The have a high respect for authority and seniority and would never say or do anything that would be against a senior person.


* Personnel selection process varies from country to country depending on the influence of the cultural factors, economic and educational situation and finding a one fit for all recruitment process may not be feasible.

* A cross functional team consisting of people from different cultural background is not working in the favour of ComeInTec.

* Currently prevalent HR has taken a backseat in the organization and not much importance is given to it and there are many problems with the currents recruitment process as observed by Dr. Koch but all his feedback as



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