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What Is Social Networking Really?

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Essay Preview: What Is Social Networking Really?

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What is some of the things that we think of when we here the word social or networking or them together social networking. Maybe you think of dinner parties, going to an event with other people, birthday party, fathers day events, mothers day events, going to the gym with your friends and maybe stay at home and socialize with family. Networking can be attributed to exchange of information, a name or number, or for business purposes. It also can be a coordination of events of people networking together to get a project done. A network could be communications between people in coordination and efforts to help each other. Is it being social on the computer via online or being involved in peoples lives out side of the computer online connection?

I think it is wonderful to surf the internet online via a computer; however, being social in the true sense of the word is not accurate. You are engaging an object with no human emotional attachment like with a real human. Let us focusing on the word social:


1a. Living together in communities or groups

b. Of or typical of communal or group living.

3. Seeking out or enjoying the company of others.

4. Marked by friendly relations or companionship

5.Of or occupied with human welfare


In truth you are interacting with a object that is a conduit of communication through this object to an other person if you are chatting or txting to someone. If you are just surfing the internet for sites, research, information, or research on a site then you are not socializing with someone.

For example: If you are on the internet surfing Myspace or Facebook and not interacting with any one and not chatting or txting back and forth then you are not socializing at all. Being social requires an individual to be socializing with someone another human-being and not an object like a computer.

Now what makes these sites interesting is that it can go the other way with the idea. You can be social go to dinner parties, golf games, event with your friend and you meat other new friend and give them your Myspace or Facebook page. In this light I think that these social sites are to be played and not going online and surfing all the time via your computer. In this aspect this would not be socializing. When you're doing this idea that I'm presenting you will find that you are socializing with other human-being in going out in connecting with other people of like thinking.

This is when networking comes in to play. The whole point of the words social- networking is to be socializing and networking simultaneously. This could be networking in the community or among families, for events in connection with families and communities. Also this



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