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Did Thomas Jefferson Abandon His Idelas

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Essay Preview: Did Thomas Jefferson Abandon His Idelas

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At a time of such partisan rivalry, I, Thomas Jefferson urge you the voting American body to take a long look at the situations and discontent that now surround our new country. John Adams has had his chance to make an impact for our Nation. For four years he has struggled to do so not to mention his own party's turmoils and disputes. Whether you be a Federalist or a Jeffersonian, I urge you to vote for what/who is best for our country and your own individual states. I stand on the side that believes in more localized power for the states and less power towards the Federal government. I do not want any ordinary man left behind. I refuse to forget about the common man and his own state's needs.

The federalists are disorganized and disputing amongst themselves. Their government is aristocratic and monarchial. This is what we Americans have worked so hard to get away from. We need a president not a king. Alexander Hamilton and John Adams are split between their differences over foreign policy and taxes. The Federalists leaders are divided while Jeffersonians stand united. We Republicans are well organized at state and local levels to ensure the success of our Nation, state by state. It is more important to the average voter that his state have more power in its own state's matters then the Federal Government can or should have. This is crucial for the livelihood of all states and the common men who live within them.

John Adams and his congress have imposed a tax to pay for a new standing army; the Federalists are acting like enemies of our constitution. This infuriates me, and I plan to fix it along with other new taxes and the Alien Sedition Act. The Federalists have betrayed the revolution of 1776 and our country with the usage of Federal troops against American men. The Alien Sedition Acts were designed to curb "our" Republican opposition to Adams' foreign policy. It has not done so. In fact, it has only created more discontent towards Federalists and their close relationship with England. John Adams is a hypocritical fool and as much of a tyrant as the King of England. Four more years of Adams' rule will lead us into the hands of British subjugation. In a moment of weakness, could John Adams escape the tyrannical grip of his federally centered power hungry party or would he backslide towards monarchy like his Federalists party and English allies?

I am opposed to the Alien Sedition Act for it denies basic freedoms to the common man. John Adams is a shaky leader who is controlled by an evil party that does not care for the average man. I urge all Americans, Jeffersonians, and Federalists to read the upcoming newspapers and reach out to our established committees to direct them to new literature and areas of planned meetings and rallies.



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