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George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

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Essay Preview: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

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America’s democratic government took off with a distressed sovereignty after the Revolution. It was succeeded by stabilization with the policies and improvement of President George Washington’s many talents of recruiting cabinet members and decision making, which lead to his second term in office. Thomas Jefferson’s vision for America was quite different from past leaders, as an agricultural republic with more economic liberty and rights. These two great leaders helped shape a solid government for the nation by bestowing goal achievement, equality, and maintaining relations between the government and its people.

George Washington, the first president, set the stage for the government and future of America. He also was the first president to implement the new constitution, setting many precedents. One of his goals was the increase of equality and not be like a British monarch. He did this by rejecting monarchical titles and forming the first cabinet of secretaries of America. His delegates were influential and knowledgeable men. These appointed men were Alexander Hamilton as secretary of the treasury, John Adams as his vice president, and Henry Knox as war secretary. Because George Washington received advice from many perspectives, Equality escalated, which constructed a strong government and a vast range of representation. His actions were cautiously outlined and selected to establish a secure and strong government for America’s advancing future. Thomas Jefferson’s choices, following Washington's two successful terms, further placed America in the direction of a bright and lasting democracy.

Thomas Jefferson’s presidency commenced with the Revolution of 1800. This was to be the first campaign of political parties and their candidates. During his two terms as president, he managed to maintain and entitle the the people of America. One of his main goals as president was to vanquish the national debt. This was acquired by placing his simple economic plan into effect. It shortened the army to small militias and the navy to a few ships. Jefferson also double the size of the US by snagging the Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars from Napoleon Bonaparte who was exhausted from war. By sending Lois and Clark on expeditions westward to research the unknown land, thus securing the nation. He also refused to travel by horse-drawn carriage and gave more power to the states. This was crucial because it gave a more balanced distribution of power, which stabilized relations between the government and the people. Thomas Jefferson’s achievements were successors to the foundation established by Washington.

Stability, achievement, and equal opportunity defined the contributions of Jefferson's and Washington’s presidencies. These three elements then illustrated a strong government for the new America. The United States could go on to form a democratic



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