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Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Thomas Jefferson, born on April 13, 1743, was the leader of the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans, our third president and, as we all know, the author of the Declaration of Independence. Throughout his whole life, he sent his time influencing others of the right way to developing the best democracy for the U.S. He was a brilliant man, one of the most significant founding fathers of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson's role in the leader of the Republicans left off an enormous impact on the actual politics that we have today. His rival, Alexander Hamilton, was no different than himself. The only difference was how they viewed America's political situations. Jefferson believed in a liberal society while Hamilton believed in a conservative society. With these merely two beliefs, the parties opinions began to uproar, and magically, they would always conflict each other in the exact opposite way. Jefferson favored the agrarian culture because it represented the backbone of the U.S. produce, rather than mass trades. Also, the Republican's opinions created equality among the whole people and citizens of America. Unlike the Federalists whose opinions discriminated between the poor/common and the wealthy, Jefferson wanted a government that was beneficial to all the classes in society. He also wanted the Louisiana Purchase for various benefits, such as a more sophisticated agrarian society, control over the Mississippi River, etc. Being in an extremely bitter rivalry, Jefferson paved the way of the necessity of the Democratic-Republican's beliefs and opinions.

Thomas Jefferson was a busy man, being elected for president and being appointed by the Continental Congress to draft a declaration of independence. Even during the harsh times, Jefferson wrote a magnificent declaration emphasizing the colonies' rights, rebelling against the British, and most importantly, human equality. And that all men are created none other than equal. To this day, the Declaration of Independence is acknowledged as the document that represents liberty and justice and influenced the America as a whole to stay independent as a country.

Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, the day when a great man who created peace among the American citizens and a brilliant man who gave bravery and confidence to the American citizens to bring the country united. Jefferson is remembered, not just as the third president, but a man who changed the whole country.



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