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Difference in Religion

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                                           DIFFERENCE IN RELIGION

Why do people always depend on religion??? What people belonging to different religions are bad?? I do not think so. I m writing this essay coz recently an incident took place in our colony. The incident is two people were in love with each other but both of different religions. They studied in one institution. They were too good friends and their families also knew that they were too good friends. The world thought that they were good friends but it was something more than friendship. Both of them were too happy with each other and they also thought that their family would easily accept them. After a few days their families came to know about their relationship. Both of the families were in shock. Their families did not accept them. Not only this both of their families strictly restricted them to meet with each other.

Even their mobile phones were taken away from them. The love birds were too sad , they had no chance to see and talk with each other. But both of them by chance met each other in a Christmas party. In that party only they both decided to leave their families and elope. Thus on the New Year eve when everybody was busy in the party of our colony they both eloped cross dressed as slaves. As they disguised themselves everybody  was unable to recognize them. They both were very happy on their elopement but they did not think about the consequences that would take place when their family will know about it.

After 2-3 hours their family came to know about it. Their family started searching them like detective dogs. After searching for one complete day they found the couple in the railway station of their neighboring city when the couple was awaiting for the train to leave the state. Both were caught and they were kept separated from each other but this time they were completely separated . Because the girl was forced to marry a guy of her different religion and the boy for the sake of his love had completely turned psychological patient and was sent to mental hospital. Was this consequence justified for their love??? I do not think so. So, I request the society to accept all religions as religions are created by people not by God. Therefore guys stop these religion differences. In case these two people had to suffer but time may come when you have to suffer. So, stop this discriminations.  



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