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Marketing and Sales

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Marketing and Sales

We have divided our market into different groups of consumer who have different needs and behavior which are demographic, geographic and behavioristic segmentation. In geographic segmentation, the area where our shop located is full of schools, college and office around Pudu area. There are many students studying in that area. For demographic segmentation, it consists of market which dividing into groups based on the age and gender. (Bhasin, 2017). We find that the youngsters included in the largest demographic which the age of our customer are between 13 to 25 years old and both male and female. In behavioral segmentation, market is dividing into groups based on their attitude. We segment the market based on price and quality. There are consumers who are price conscious and quality conscious

Next, we will use push and pull strategy, advertising, social media sales promotion andpersonal selling as our marketing strategies. We can sell products directly to customers or motivate customer to seek out our shop in an active process. We will use both traditional and digital advertising which is print media and in-store display as traditional advertising and we will announce our new products in our website and social media as digital advertising. There are various social media tools that we can use in our digital marketing to create awareness and promote our products such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.In addition, we offer some sales incentives such as point of purchase displays, discounts, coupons and rebates to attract new customers in sales promotion.Further,we use sales force to sell the product to the customers in our outlet. Meanwhile, we integrate personal selling with sales promotion for better targeting the customers. For example, we convince customers to purchase our products by offering some ongoing promotions after meeting face-to-face with them.

We distribute our products directly to customers through sales force at our outlet and the sales force will be supported through resources such as training programs and promotional material.



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