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Discrimination Case

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Discrimination in its own etymologic meaning, discrimination is the preference of someone on the account of another. In other words, and in the case of employment, discrimination makes it harder for women to "Achieve social well being". This did and always does create an unfair working environment as it shuffles from generation to generation and goes deeper in the workplace's societal environment.

Victimized women, even if they have a higher education than men, the will be discriminated on the point that men are thought to be more powerful and intelligent than women. Filip Spagnioli stressed on "U.S Department of Education data show that a year out of school, despite having earned higher college GPAs in every subject, young women will take home, on average across all professions, just 80% of what their male colleagues do" .

With Spagnioli statement, we can now see how working environment are created; women with maybe more experience and higher grades will earn 20% less of what they should really be earning. Women will never become leaders and decision takers and that kind of environment will make them uncomfortable and will affect their ability to concentrate.

The centrality of managerial discretion in the discrimination process does not simply revolve around the sanction or policy applied inside their premises. By taking the example of Ms. Rose Gold who said; "In the past six months, I have been denied promotions to the jewelry department manager, ladies department manager and drug department manager. Caucasians ladies were hired for the department manager positions. I have more experience and seniority than the Caucasians who were hired." Ms. Gold had more than seven years of experience in the retail store.

Discrimination here took the form of promotion discrimination, and that is due probably to the preference of the retail management to Caucasian type of women.

Why do women have to worker harder than man to achieve more? Given that women and men are largely segregated in different jobs

(Tomaskovic-Devey et al. 2006), a gender difference in required work effort could occur if the tasks and working conditions of women's jobs are more demanding. In that case, anyone holding those jobs would report greater required effort, regardless of gender. Two types of job demands increase effort requirements: higher performance standards and greater inherent difficulty (Hambrick, Finkelstein, and Mooney 2005).

Some women stay up late, work extra time, working harder in order to be remunerated in the same way as men. That 20% that we stated earlier affects women a lot, and some cases, other that the discrimination is happening in the workplace, it may follow them at him when they endure conjugal abuse. In order to escape the violence of their husbands, they are willing to work more in order to make their men happy by financially stopping their partners' abuse towards them.

Main Idea 2: Negative Psychological Effects

For every action a reaction; how do women feel when discriminated? Or another question can be proposed: what will you feel if you were being discriminated? Stressed? Sleepless? Down?...

Women who are being discriminated will be over stressed and will have lower self-esteem and will lose their motivation. Their work performance will be bundle and that will create them even more



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