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Discuss the Nature - Nurture Debate in Relation to the Development of an Individual

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Essay Preview: Discuss the Nature - Nurture Debate in Relation to the Development of an Individual

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Nature is what you are born with; most of the thing we are born with are influenced by our parents this may include your hair colour, eye colour, type of skin e.t.c.kylie minogue resembles her mum more than her dad, that means that she inherited her mum genes. She has the same eye colour as her mum, beautiful, pretty face, slender body, long legs, nice personality and this gives her the courage suites her career as a TV star and actress.

Nurture is what is what surrounds us. E.g. Kylie minogue ancestors lived a normal live her maternal grandmother Millie was the daughter of George Morgan Riddiford; He worked as a coalminer and driver of 'steam lorries with solid wheels. Due to opportunities in the environment around us and hard work kylies family became well established and famous through her mum who was a dancer from maesteg, her dad who is an Irish ancestry, her brother is cameraman in Australia, her sister Danni is a pop singer and also a judge and kylie herself is a famous musician, recording artist, songwriter and actress. Such factors like media, the public, professionals, transport availability and space in the market that has made Kylie’s family recognised and successful. For the reason that the public buys her records, gives her the awards, the professionals signs her with contracts and the media sells her personality. It is through these factors that she has become who she is now.

Nurture takes part after we are born, it is through our chosen character that makes us the way we are e.g. I believe no child is born evil, people may become evil because of environmental factors like poverty, peer pressure, watching horror movies, and rough childhood. It is very unlikely for our behaviours to be influenced by our parents.e.g if your dad is a murderer that doesn’t mean that the son will be a killer too.e.g. Kylie minogue grandfather, Riddiford was convicted of indecent assault and given nine months' penal servitude. He had assaulted a 14-year-old who was in service at a farm. That didn’t make any of the Kylie family members aggressive instead they turned to be completely different logical people.

Having a talent is nature, a talent is something you are born with, a talent can even be discovered at a young age, it’s something that you can’t force, and it’s a natural gift. Not everyone is talented, as well as not all talents are the same. Talents can be biologically passed on to the offspring’s.E.g. most of the celebrities children turns up to be like their parents example will smith he is a famous celeb who is an accomplished motion picture actor, television star and musician. His two children jade smith is a well recognised teenager in acting, singing and dancing while willow smith (the daughter) is an excellent musician and actor. They are following their dad’s steps, as well as living their own dream. They are successfully coping well in their careers. Kylie minogue also has a similar background. Kylie and Danni minogue are sisters and both of them shares the same talent of being actresses and song writers, they both have take over their mum who was a dancer, kylie has also taken over her dad too intellectually because her dad is an accountant and kylie has achieved an honorary Doctor of health science. Kylie’s talent is responsible for her development because through acting and singing she expresses her feelings and happiness as well as earns a living through her career.

It is nurture proven children from strict families who are disciplined turn up to be responsible people as well as clever in school. If children grow up in a rough neighbourhood, if they have tough upbringing, peer pressure, wrong company, lack of advice, no love, family issues, divorced couples, freedom, exposed to drugs, poor diet or if abandoned they end up being drug traffickers, gang members, poor performance in school, emotional problems, health issues, very vulnerable, depressed, heavy drinkers with a lot of anger. Examples will smith grew under a very strict family; her mum was very strict with her children because she wanted the best from them, will did well in school he went to high school as well as won a scholarship to M.I.T.will smith is now a very humble, responsible, pure, reliable, lovable and popular entertainer recognized all over the world. Will’s mother made will the best person he is now by being strict on him for doing the unnecessary things and having to do things in his own way.




Growing up in a wealth family is nurture. Kylie was brought up in a wealthy family her mum being a dancer and the dad being an accountant.


She got everything she wanted. She wore expensive high fashioned clothes and shoes, expensive jewellery, she applied designer perfumes. She always looked elegant. She went to her hair dresser for a hair trim regularly, her hair was always dyed in different colours of the rainbow, and she had manicure and pedicure done when she was free. Every time she went on a holiday she had her body tanned, she had piercings on her body, and she had a nice tattoo of her name on her arm.


When she was 12 she joined the best private school in Australia. She received the best education because being in a private school means that you get the best teachers, you are taught in a preferred pace, you have loads of choices to choose from, more organised,more time with the teachers, you have more support and so you learn the best. Private schools have better and quality facilities compared to public schools e.g. computers, professional teachers and it also feels comfortable being in there. There are also some organized trips all over the world to learn different things from different countries.


When Kylie was 10 and in her previous school, she had lots of friends. Most of the friends she had came from a less wealth family as she. Every one wanted to be close to her because she was really nice to them. When they learnt that her family was wealthy, and everyone liked her, and she got favours, and she was a very good looking girl with nice hair, they started back biting her and spreading nasty rumors about her. She was devastated and she secluded herself from everyone. She didn’t



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