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Disney Case

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1. Introduction

Walt Disney Company has established four theme parks in three different continents: in Asia, in the United States and in Europe. On account of success in United States and Asia Walt Disney decided to export Disneyland concept to Europe. Nowadays Disneyland in Paris is successfully leading theme park on the European market and in the amusement parks sector in Europe. It started by partnership between the French authorities and Walt Disney Company. The idea of Disneyland begin more than 50 years ago with Walt Disney's dream of building entertainment place for whole family. Creative excellence, endless imagination and technological innovation are still the key factors for nowadays success.

Disney Paris Resort is one of Europe's leading tourist destinations after all their difficult entering by overpricing products and poor adapting. Creation of theme park for family entertainment was unique and therefore profitable business idea. As a target, market segmentation of Walt Disney responded for increasing demand of tourist and business customers' addiction for amusement and entertainment.

2. History

Disneyland Paris, originally Euro Disney Resort, later Euro Disneyland, is an entertainment resort in Marne-la-Vallée, in the eastern suburbs of Paris, located 32km from the center of Paris, operated by Euro Disney S.C.A., a public company of which 39.78% of its stock is held by The Walt Disney Company, 10% by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed and 50.22% by other shareholders.

The Resort's CEO is Philippe Gas.

With the success of Walt Disney World in Florida and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, the will to build a similar theme park in Europe emerged in 1972.

In 1984, some high-executives from Disney's theme park division presented a list of possible location to open a new theme park. That list contained about 1200 places around Europe, further reduced to 4 (2 in France and 2 in Spain).

After the evaluation, Marne-la-Vallée was chosen to host the project because of its proximity to Paris, one of the most visited cities in the World, especially in Europe, and for your geographic location (Center of Western Europe).

The construction of the project began in August 1988, and in December 1990, an information centre named "Espace Euro Disney" was opened to show the public what was being constructed.

At the same time, plans for a second construction of an another park next to Euro Disneyland quickly went into development, set to open in 1996 (Walt Disney Studios).

After the construction of the parks, was decided, in terms of controlling of the hotel business, the investment was now, in hotels closed to the park, to suit the visitor who come to enjoy all of this



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