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Walt Disney Case

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The man who started the cartoon evolution was called, Walter Elias Disney. He started was we now know as Mickey Mouse and all of his friends, that all started with an imagination and a dream. That dream of his would shape the world regarding the cartoon world. This dream of his did not come overnight; it took long hours to become an international hero all over the world with his arts and even his studios and theme parks that he imagined. Kids all over the world love Walt Disney, even older adults because during the Great Depression his work could be seen all over the world (Preszler, 2003 pg.17). The great Walt Disney; a leader in the cartoon industry.

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to his mother Flora and his father Elias (Gabler, 2006, pg. 7). Rose in a small suburb, just a few miles from Chicago. At a young age, his father, Elias would beat him every night and even one of those incidents landed him right into an emergency room ("Walt Disney", 2003, n.p). Even as a young kid, Walt loved to draw. He could sell his cartoons to the neighbors and even once it caught the eye of a local newspaper in Chicago that it would be published (Gabler, 2006, pg.18). Walt even said at a very young age that "When I grow up I want to become a famous drawer" (Green, 1999, pg.24). Even at a younger age he wanted to become what he is today. Growing up he had a paper route that he would have to wake up around five-thirty in the morning; on a crippled bicycle epically during the winter he would have to walk an around three miles delivering papers (Gabler, 2006, pg.8). His dreams never gave up, through his struggles he came up on top.

During Walt's teenage years his family moved alot and even as such was he moved to one of the great places were his career in the cartoon business and he moved to Kansas City. These years would make him the artist that he is known today. Every Saturday he would bike up to the local community center to attend local art classes ("Walt Disney Biography", 2005, n.p). During his teenage years his parents were planning to move back to Chicago. When they moved back to Chicago he studied at his high school Film and art (Walt Disney, 2007). It was going well; Walt was sort of a ladies man, always was flirty with the girls and even fell in love with one of his high school sweethearts (Walt Disney, 2007). This love would even continue during World War I.

In 1917 World War I broke out, a time were the Army was recruiting soldiers into the war. Walt was very patriotic to America, so he tried to enlist but he was only sixteen and you needed to be eighteen to enlist, so he was denied into the Army. He did not give up because he saw a flyer for an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. He had is mom, forge his birth certificate from 1901 to 1900 so he could join the Red Cross because you could be a driver even at seventeen but he was still sixteen (Disney, Walt (er Elias), 2004). He was quickly approved and shipped to France to become an ambulance driver. On his free time, from driving wounded soldiers, he could began to draw cartoons and this is he first drew Mickey Mouse, and began to work on cartoon strips for when he returns to America. Walt was there only one year in France, and then shipped back to America, with a dream.

Walt returned back to America, moved back to Kansas City and moved in with his brother Roy. One of his brother's friends got Walt with a job at the Pesman-Rubin Art Studio. He was making ads for newspapers and magazines (Walt Disney Biography, 2004). He met a famous cartoonist at the time Ubbe Iwerks and the two were the best of friends they even had a studio in Kansas City called Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists

They would do anything for any press outlet (Chasing the Mouse, 1998). The business was a major flop, there were only a few clients that they signed for and Iwerks left the business very early into it, leaving Walt to run the business. Walt quickly sold the company to a New York financial business man named Winkler and Mintz (Walt Disney, 2007). He was not going to give up his dream of publishing his cartoons. Walt only had forty bucks but quickly moved on from Kansas City to Hollywood, California.

When he arrived in Hollywood, all he had was that forty dollars and a cartoon. At first he wanted to give up his dream because most of the studios were in New York. So he changed his dream to become a film director.



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