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Distribution Case

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Ryan Phillips

Question #2

The Segway HT is a new form of transportation, that can be used to get around campus. Riding a Segway HT around campus comes with advantages and disadvantages. If you were to have a segway on campus you would be able to get to class so much faster. You'd be saving more of your time without walking and getting to where you need to be much faster. Most campuses seem like they can already be Segway accessible since there is lots of room for people on campus daily. The routes we already use can be used for someone riding a Segway HT very easily as if it was just another person on a bike or skateboard. The Segway HT doesn't take up much space anyways, probably as much space as a normal person would. Segway HT's can be used for security, police, or mall cops. Segways also minimize traffic, and possibly saving lives by having the streets less crowded. Segways don't use gas, so obviously it saves gas which is good, and doesn't give off pollution like most motorized vehicles do. The Segway HT is powered by a wall charger making it easy for everyone to use. There could be disadvantages of using segways, like crashing. Crashing with segways probably wouldn't be too traumatic but it's still possible since you're driving a small vehicle and going somewhat fast. Over an extended period of time and using the segway you can become fat and lazy from using the segway and not walking as much as you're used to. The thing is, theyre very costly. They cost around $8,000 each which is a bit pricy but eventually it will be the most appropriate use of transportation. Segways have their pros and cons and can be very beneficial to everyone one day. One day they might be used by everyone just like cares, but only time will tell.



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