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Divorce Case

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Today, we can note that numerous marriages end in divorce. Divorce is the formal ending of a marriage by law. There are many causes of divorce as for instance the lack of comprehension, lack of respect ... Among these causes, there are also the interference of the family and friends and the fact that some persons get married without knowing each other. Some persons get married just to have a promotion in their work. Others people get married just to please their parents and family.

Before divorcing, there are several stages. At first, there are misunderstandings, discussions... The parents will try to find some solutions and maybe cannot find it. It is true that the divorce is not a good thing but sometimes, it can become a necessity. When the marriage becomes a place of suffering for both (husband and wife) and it affects the children, the best choice is to divorce.

It's true that this separation will affect children. They will be separated of one of their parents but they will see their parents always to fight or to argue any more. However, I think that there is one thing to avoid. It's to ask to children (when they are very young) with which parent (father or mother) they would like to live. That is not fair as it is very difficult to choose.

sometime the cover is awarded to the parent which can take care of the children.

The big problem is that, nowadays, several marriages aren't done on strong bases.

Some times some parents are pushing their children to get married because of their business (family marriage).



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