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Divorces Case

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Divorce is never a sweet word, rather with the word there is an amalgamation of cravings, demands, sighs, agonies, despair, and heart break or to some extent relief. The words are used in a contradictory style but you must accept my view that a divorce is never an expected mater. Nobody ties the knot of legal conjugality keeping in mind the divorce. Divorce is like a meteor that strikes all on a sudden and destructs every sweet moment of a joint dream venture. It affects the partners in a bad way, mentally, physically and absolutely financially. Tons of words are uttered when a conjugal life starts its journey. But as soon as the sigh of divorce touches the twin hearts they are burnt to ashes. (Bandyopadhyay, 2012)

There have been many laws concerning divorce enforced in the United States that allow a quicker processing time. These laws often referred to as no fault grant a divorce to a couple even if only one spouse applies for it. Marriages can be dissolved easily and for little or no reason. Laws including this no-fault policy should definitely not be enforced.

The no fault attitude towards divorce encourages casual actions in marriages. Making it easier for divorces to occur can decrease the quality of a marriage. In general all marriages go through bleak times making one partner often think about solace through divorce. Instead of working through the problems in a healthy manner, divorce through the no fault laws are quickly utilized to provide an escape.

The children involved in a divorce are often times the most impacted victims of a divorce. Children with divorced parents are often left feeling neglected by the parent that has chosen to move out, unloved, and often times burdened with feelings of guilt. The poverty rates of single parented households are alarmingly high, and are often the result of divorce. With all these


factors added together, divorce is a dangerous and scarring event in a child's life.

Divorces that drag on can be hard on children. They see their parents fighting, not speaking, and generally held up in a tense household atmosphere. Sometimes the best thing to do for the children's sake is to get a quick and clean divorce, so that the children can spend quality time with each parent individually. (Waters, 2011)

Divorce among couples with children should be harder. Too often, parents fail to look beyond their selfish needs; they should have to prove that separation is good not only for the adults but for the kids. Waiting periods or counseling requirements would mitigate the damage to children.

In general, making divorce harder will decrease the divorce rate, reduce the social costs of divorce, and reduce the number of bad marriages. The more difficult a divorce is to obtain, the more expensive



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