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Does God Really Exist

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Everyone at some point in their life has asked this question and that is does God really exist. This question can be brought forth for many reasons and leaves many people wondering if there is a true answer. Most people have not experienced God and are doubtful about God existence. Atheists and believers have always been willing to argue the existence of God. Philosophers have made many attempts to prove and disapprove the existence of God, but people are still skeptical about God and his word. Many people ask questions like: If God exist why has no one every seen him? If God exist why are so many people struggling? If God exist why do so many people die for no reason? If God exist why are we at war? All these questions come from man, but does any of these question prove if God does are does not exist.

Does God Really Exist

Does God really exist that has been a debatable question through the history of mankind? Every philosopher has been weighing in on this debate to find out the truth. This topic has become so great that evidence have been invented and utilized to prove and disprove the existence of God. This question has still yet to be answered and this leaves many people to wonder if there is an answer at all.

Philosophy of Religion is the branch of philosophy which discusses the nature and existence of God. This usually brings these central questions: Does God exists? What sort of evidence could justify belief in God? If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world? Is there life after death? Do we have souls? How could we know anything about God? According to Kurt Mosser, "the philosophy of religion seeks to investigate these and many other questions that arise within the context of faith and attempts to provide arguments and justifications for various conclusions."(Mosser, 2010)

Philosophy of Religion is also the area of beliefs that applies philosophical methods to learning a wide assortment of religious issues including the existence of God. The use of the philosophical method makes Philosophy of Religion different from theology, which is the study of God and any form of issues that relate to the heavenly. Philosophy always tries to give the impression of the world as it essentially is and make logic of it all.

So does God exist? Many people question the existence of God because they can not see him. Many people or realist and only believe in the things that can be proven. Being a realist makes a person real skeptical of things in which they can not prove to be a fact but if God does not exist why are their theories of Gods existence and how are they explained. Marilyn Adamson says Gods existence can be proven by "The Earth its size is perfect. The Earth's size and corresponding gravity holds a thin layer of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases, only extending about 50 miles above the Earth's surface."(Adamson, unkown) God created this perfect world so man could survive. God made this world not for us to suffer but for us to live in peace. This is what brings the first argument and that is the Ontological Argument.

The ontological proof states, "God contains all perfections, including existence. God necessarily exists." (Mosser, 2010 pg. 4.1) So there is no reason to go out looking for physical confirmation of God's existence. By just believing in God proves his existence. People who attend church and whose families are Christens were taught to believe in God and he will bless them abundantly. The ontological argument is just meaning believing is not always seeing. I believe in God and everything he stands for just because I do not see him does not mean I do not feel his presents around me. Many people have to have proof in everything but this just brings us to our next argument the Cosmological or First Cause Proof.

The Cosmological or First Cause Proof proves the existence of God. Mosser defines the First Cause as, "All things are the result of earlier causes; that causal sequence had to begin, and only God could have begun it." (Mosser, 2010 pg. 4.1) I agree with this argument because like the example shown in our text about the chicken and the egg. The egg was not the first to be created because a chicken has to lay an egg. So God had to create the chicken first just as he did with mankind. God made Adam in the form of himself and he created Eve as his helpmate by taking a rib from Adam. These two people were made to produce mankind. So we as people have to be born and that means someone (meaning parents) has to bring us into existence. We can not create ourselves because we have to take the form of someone.

The existence of the universe is also another first cause proof. The reason for saying this is because the universe had a beginning. Many say the universe was developed by a big explosion that occur which is known as the Big Bang Theory. My theory for the Big Bang Theory is if the universe was created by this huge light; who was the creator of the light. The only answer I can say is God. It all goes into who created what first.

Next question to come to mind is what sort of evidence could justify belief in God? Since there has not been any physical proof of the existence of God many people find it hard to believe. Groups like the New Atheists feels, "Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence" (Antony, 2010) this makes Christians look like they are just following false hope but there is proof if people just look at the smaller things.

Argument from Design says "Things in nature demonstrate too much complexity and design to have arisen by accident; God must exist in order to have created and designed that complexity." (Mosser, 2010)



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