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The Existence of God

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According to a survey done by The Washington Post in 2008, 92% of all Americans believe in God. Although such a large group of people believe in God, there has been constant debate over whether or not God exists. Believers try to provide rational proofs to prove the existence of God. The Law of Entropy can be used to prove the existence of God.

To understand the Law of Entropy, the Law of the Conservation of Energy must first be understood. The Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy can be transferred from one system to another in many forms, but it can neither created nor destroyed. Thus, the total amount of energy in the universe is constant. In the early 19th century, Albert Einstein discovered that energy and matter are interchangeable. For this reason, scientists believe that matter and energy have a fixed quantity in the universe.

The Law of Entropy states that energy is continuously transformed from a usable state to a less usable state. This process is known as entropy (Hyperphysics). For example, heat always flows from a hot environment to a cold environment. It is never the opposite. Imagine that a hot cup of coffee is left in a room at room temperature. The coffee will get colder as it sits there. This is because the heat energy from the coffee escapes the coffee and dissipates throughout the room. Once this process is over, it cannot be reversed. You cannot take the original heat energy from the coffee which has escaped into the air and put it back in (Pidwirny).

Although entropy is a one-way process, it is by no means a continuous process. It simply cannot go on forever. Heat will always flow from a hot environment to a colder environment, but eventually the two environments will be the same temperature. On a small scale, such as the coffee example, this concept is easy to understand. Hot coffee gets colder at room temperature because the heat energy from the coffee dissipates throughout the room. However, when enough heat has escaped from the coffee so

that the temperature of the coffee is equal to the temperature of the room, the remaining heat energy

will remain in the cup of coffee. There will no longer be any heat energy transferred. This end state is known as "thermodynamic equilibrium".

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing theory of the origin of the universe (Umich). According to the Big Bang theory, the universe was originally compacted in an extremely hot and dense state. The universe rapidly began to expand. As it expanded, its heat was unevenly distributed throughout it. However, with entropy, the heat energy from the millions upon millions of stars found throughout the universe will dissipate throughout it. The universe will reach thermodynamic equilibrium. Once it reaches that state, the universe will end because it will no longer have any free energy left to sustain life or motion. It will essentially turn into a useless junkyard of atomic particles.

Because of the law of entropy, it is understood



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