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Does Immigration Contribute to a Better America?

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Essay Preview: Does Immigration Contribute to a Better America?

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Does Immigration Contribute To A Better America?

This may sound a little cliché but America has always been known as the land of the free. In most cases, immigrants find America as an escape to a better life away from depression and oppression. Freedom and economic opportunities has driven many refugees to not only become a part of our nation but also to help strengthen it. Immigrant supporters claim that immigrants make America a better place through cultural enrichment, economic advancement through both labor and entrepreneurial initiatives, and enhancement of the political culture (Legrain 2007).

When America was first established, immigrants were the only source of growth and progress. It is considered a refuge place where most immigrants feel a second chance and a better life is obtainable. Many people fail to realize that this nation was practically made by immigrants who are eager to add on to our culturally diverse society in order to take advantage of the many opportunities that are offered.

People who find the courage to leave their lifestyle and country in order to seek a better way of living are more than likely to be more ambitious than the average American. Many immigrants are wan to the United States because of the high demand for workers to occupy the low-end jobs that most people who are of a higher class overlook. No, I'm not saying that most immigrants come to the America in order to work minimum wage jobs that the mediocre citizen takes advantage of. Imagine if our society wasn't diverse, everyone would think almost alike right? Well, some of the greatest inventions are thought of by foreigners who help contribute to today's economy. Different philosophies, perspectives and experiences from people of unlike ethnicities help create helpful websites like Yahoo, eBay and Google.

Immigrants pay taxes, increase productivity and consumer demand. There are also those highly-skilled immigrants: scientists, doctors, teachers and others who come from around the globe and combine their skills to benefit American companies and universities. Also, they help start up new businesses themselves and start international transactions with other countries. Whether or not we admit it, the economy is actually benefiting economically and financially. Immigration resulting from current policy is dramatically large, less skilled and more divergent from the American majority than anything that was anticipated or desired (Brimelow 1995). I've given various reasons why that is untrue in many cases.

Many Americans should consider the fact that without the contributions of many immigrants, that life wouldn't be the same. Everyone I know enjoys Chinese, Japanese and Italian but who would prepare this food if a law was enforced stating that they could not apply for legal citizenship or was perhaps deported back to their birthplace. American food does not always



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