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How Does Immigration Contribute to a Better America?

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Essay Preview: How Does Immigration Contribute to a Better America?

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Immigration does contribute and has contributed to making a better America. Historically, immigration has been a good way to get new, ambitious, eager people to be part of the United States. The people who are willing to go to the effort of immigrating (and are brave enough to leave their home countries and the lives they know) are likely to be more ambitious than the regular run of people. So, by allowing immigration, we have allowed many people who are highly motivated to come to America and help improve our country.

Immigration does contribute to an America that is better. One of the essences of America is that it is the land of second chances. It is the refuge of those who have been ostracized and alienated from their indigenous cultural order. The Pilgrims were silenced voices, and they emigrated. The Europeans who came over were also individuals in search of a better life, primarily because the lives they were leading were ones that could have stood improvement. America has been the collection point for all of these individuals. In this respect, the absence of a strictly codified hierarchical order has been the attractive element to these individuals. In the modern setting, we still see this as immigration is something that has increased with ferocity and intensity. The faces may have changed, but the fundamentals behind their emigration is much the same?

Immigration contributes to a better America, because they leave their homeland, in order to find a better place in America. My great-grandparents were immigrants from the Bahamas. They came over to the United States and became migrant farmers. They produced green peppers, okra, eggplants, and green string beans. He produced, and then shipped the vegetables to the local markets around the Fort Lauderdale area: which people bought from the markets. My great Grandfather contributed to America by producing vegetables so that he and other Americans can eat.

Another reason why immigrants contribute to a better America is that they do jobs that Americans will not do. Some Americans have become obese and completive, that they do not to do outside work. Jobs like construction, landscaping and other work like taxi and bus drivers and working at a local store. Immigrants that come fresh into America can get these jobs because they know Americans refuse to do job like that.

Immigrants contribute to a better America because of the domestic product. Statistics show that the 25 largest metro areas (by population) which produce nearly one half of the total gross domestic product of the country. It shows that in the country's main metropolises, the share of the immigrant population stacks up neatly against their share of economic output. For example, immigrants are responsible for 20% of economic output and make up 20% of the population in these 25 metropolitan areas. In other words, immigrants pull their own weight. Also, immigration has made a significant contribution



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