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Does War in Iraq ?

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Most government spending improves the national Gross Domestic Product. The national GDP is often used as an indicator of the economy's health. Government spending during war improves and stimulates the economy. However, terrorist attacks provide extreme hardship to any economy. The Iraq war was a response to an attack which hindered the economy. Nevertheless, there were slight domestic economy benefits from the war in Iraq, which stimulated the economy and created jobs.

The War in Iraq is one of America's longest wars; this war lasted eight years, eight months, and three weeks. This war drastically affects the economy in every field and subfield. Since every aspect of the economy was affected, the only question left is was the economy positively or negatively affected? Well to answer this question we must weigh the pros and the cons of the war. Wars are full of aspects which are unquantifiable. You will never be able to place a price on a human life or even calculate the damage caused to the environment. The exact cost of the war may never be known, especially because the cost will continue to accumulate over the next several years. However, there are several financial studies which calculate the cost of the war to be as high as 3 trillion dollars. (Stiglitz and Blimes) This is over 18% of the National Deficit, which has been growing by over 3.8 billion dollars a day since October 2007.

September 11, 2001, four passenger jets were hijacked and strategically crashed. The United States was under an attack by terrorists. The aftermath of this attack was devastating.



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