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Iraq and Afghan War

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On September 11th 2001 the world was shuck when they heard that terrorist's attacked the United states, they hit the twin towers and the pentagon with an airplane!, this is what lead to the Iraqi war that we are still fighting to this day.

In 1991 President George Bush sent U.S. troops to Kuwait to force out Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his troops who were trying to take over Kuwait, this starting the Persian Gulf War. This war started in 1991 and this war also ended in 1991 and an agreement was made between George Bush and Saddam Hussein. The agreement was that Iraq must destroy any chemical and biological weapons they had. This peace treaty also said that United Nations inspectors would search Iraq on a regular basis to make sure these weapons were being destroyed. This kept Iraq from buying and selling oil and weapons until the United Nations confirmed that Iraq was complying with the peace treaty. Then came September 11th an attack that shocked the nation. Two United and two American Airline airplanes were hijacked by terrorists and flown into targets in America. There were at least four to five hijackers on each plane. They were armed with knives, and having at least one person among them capable of piloting the plane. The hijackers took over the planes, got rid of the pilots, and directed the planes on suicide missions. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in New York City, another into the Pentagon in Washington DC and a fourth in Pennsylvania. In the initial weeks following September 11, the media estimated for the total number of fatalities at the WTC, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania was six or seven thousand . As weeks and months went by, that number just an estimate, it ended up only being 3000 people.

The Us and Canadians and lots of others have been in Afghanistan for many years. It has been an important front in the on going war against international terrorism. The Taliban regime was removed from power, which liberated the Afghan people, now they can now work towards freedom and an opportunity. There has already been an presidential election, making an important step towards democracy, an now reconstruction efforts of a country once ravaged by stifling violence and corruption are showing great signs of progress. More then 100 Canadians soldiers have died in the efforts to peace keep in Afghanistan. Many more have risk there lives for the safety and democracy in Afghanistan. Recently, in the war in Afghanistan, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) seized bomb-making materials in a warehouse and a nearby organization. The materials were ammonium nitrate fertilizer, which not only could nourish plants with their high nitrogen content, but could also be used as an improvised bomb. With the materials found were also bomb parts. The find has saved the lives which could have been killed in the couple hundred bombs that could have been produced by



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