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Dog Food

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In order to investigate the penetration of dog food and consumer knowledge about dog food, we decide to conduct 3 focus groups interview. We separate to 3 different groups, the pet good, the home prepared group, and the mixed group. Through the comparison of the three group, we conclude that the following results. First of all, the attitudes toward to dog food of these groups are different. Pet food group purchase pet food because they know the benefit of feeding pet food ,while for mix and home prepared group are concern about the favor ,economy. Secondly, the knowledge of dog food between these 3 groups people are different .For pet food group , they choose the pet food because they believed that the nutrition that the pet food provide is more variety than home prepared food and they think that global brand always have good quality, but for the home prepared group ,they think that home prepared food provide more nutrition than pet food ,from this point we can know that some people still don't know the drawback of home prepared food ,change the people's thinking is more important . Third, price is one of the main factors to impact on dog owner's decision. For pet food group ,they spent average 1000 baht on the dog food every month, home prepared food group they spent less because they want to feed the dog in the economical way ,and for mixed group ,they are also price sensitive when they make the purchasing decision among pet food and intergradient . Firth, the distribution channel is very important for these groups. Most people think that the distribution channels whether is easy to access or not is playing an important role in their decision making. The pet food group tells us that most of the dog foods are available in the department store and pet shop, but for some of the brands are only available in the pet hospital. On the other hand, the intergradient is more convenience for the mix group and home prepared home group. Last, the time consuming is also important for the groups. Pet food people they don't like to spent too much time on food prepared, but home prepared group ,that think is worth for them to spent time to cook for their dogs ,while mix group people are more flexible ,if they have free time they will cook ,if not ,they will buy the pet food to feed their dog



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