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The Fast Food Market North West Nsw

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Essay Preview: The Fast Food Market North West Nsw

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The fast food market

Area: Moree, NSW

1. Fast food outlets in Moree:

* McDonalds - fast food

* KFC - fast food

* Subway - healthy fast food

* Lills Café - variety of deep fried and healthy food

* Dragon and Phoenix - Chinese

* The Bowaa - Chinese

* Mega meals - fish and chips, burgers

* Sullys - fish and chips and burgers

* Substation - deep fried food plus sandwiches

* Fiesta - fried chicken and chips

* Noodle house - Asian noodles

* Thai palace - Thai

* Curry central - Indian

2. Target market segments:

All the fast food outlets try to target the entire market in Moree, as it is a small town; the owners try to accommodate all styles and origins of food to give their customers a wide variety

3. Differences:

Most of the outlets offer the same style in food but adding their own twist or offering different foods such as Mega meals, they offer burgers, fish and chips while Fiesta offer the same but their speciality is Fried chicken. Lill's café does the same as both but they prefer to stay in the café scene with cakes, coffees and sandwiches

4. Reasons why the established:

With Moree being a small country town a majority of the fast food outlets are owned by locals and small business people. They all have the opinion they can offer something better than the next. International foods such as curry, Thai and Chinese have boomed in the district due to the lack of competition. The typical take away store is a little different with all of the stores offering different styles of cooking their chips and burgers.

5. Market factors in opening up a new outlet:

I would consider what other styles of food were already being offered in the region, if I knew I could do better then the other fish and chips joints I would go into that market but to ensure success I would also offer something the town doesn't already have. With Moree having only a small business district you would have to convert an old store as there is no room for a new establishment, unless you were to target the west or south side of town.



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