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Clean up After Your Dog

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We live in a beautiful and peaceful condominium complex located in a small city of Prospect Heights. This place is surrounded on west side by woods and on the rest sides by meadow and lawns, thus it's very nice and clean. The only things we hear during the day are bird songs. Our complex attracts many people who are interested in to purchase or to rent a condominium not only because of natural environment, but also because is pets friendly. Nowadays it is very hard to find a place that allowed having dogs, thus lately our complex attracted more dogs' owners.

Our society doesn't have a problem with enormous number of dogs; however, we do have a problem with irresponsible dogs' owners who don't clean their dogs' consolations. It's a huge problem for us, people who live here. We became the victim of a dog poop assault. We have been noticed an unpleasant odor. Many of us walking across the lawn step on canine feces, and it's an issue because it is difficult to clean off the bottom of shoes. What is more, it spreads disease, and contributes to an undesirable walking environment. People who have kids are terrified. They don't want their kids play in such a discussing areas. Who knows what kind of illness children can get from bacteria that stays in dog feces. Although we have a policy regarding dogs' crap, many people don't keep up with it. We have started notice this problem this winter. We left our apartments and we saw dogs' faces on the lawn covered by snow - it was discussing. Now it's a summer and problem didn't disappeared. We have been posted many notices in each stairway, with no results. We are so desperate, we must find a solution now to protect ourselves and a little piece of our natural environment. There are couple proposals to resolve dogs' crap issue. We have to choose one that fit the best our needs and is the most reasonable.

First, we can change associate policy and remove dogs from our complex. If we involve this rule problem will disappear. No more dogs no more poops, healthy and clean environment. However, it is not fear with people who have dogs and pick up excrements. Besides, changing a policy is a very long and costly process. To change the policy we have to make a case in a court. We won't make sure if judge will issue a verdict favorable to us. We assume that dogs' owners will fight for their rights. Moreover, how we will handle the court, lawyer and other fees associated with changing policy. Despite the beginning of this proposal seemed simple and effective at the end looks expensive and impossible.

Second, we can hire a person who will spy dogs' walkers and acquire a proof of their offense. With a proof we can issue a ticket for misdemeanor. This proposal is very reasonable. If we start to punish people in the monetary form, $50.00, they will clean their dogs' feces to avoid a fine. Nevertheless, it's



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