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Drinking and Driving

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People drink and drive alot. I'm pretty sure that you know someone who has been intoxicated and drove or has got into a vehicle with a drunk driver. Yes, you are teenagers or adults, so yes, you will drink. But you have no reason to drive home while drinking. You need to think about your actions before you do anything. You need a designated driver as well. You also need to know the facts, too! Did you know, in 2006 alone, there were 17, 941 driving fatalities related to alcohol consumption. In 2008, there were 11, 773 deaths, and in 2009 there were 1,235 alcohol related crashes in Texas. And believe it or not but most drivers are 16 to 21 of age, and most wrecks occur between midnight and three a.m., which is the usual times teenagers are coming home from parties and adults are coming home from the bars. If you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, while intoxicated, you will have to pay the consequences. If you just get pulled over, you'll most likely get a DUI and probably go to jail over the night. But, if you get in a wreck and kill someone you'll looking at a couple of days to even a couple of years of jail time, court fines, community service, and the fact that you have to live knowing you killed someone. I, myself, have had the aftermath of a drunk driving wreck. My step-sister was killed along with three other teenagers. She passed away on June 14, 2007 at 4:12 a.m in Baytown, Texas. Her, our cousin, and two of their friends went joyriding with two 15 year olds. They were on East Archer Road when it happened. Bobby Davis, the driver, struck the stolen Jeep Cherokee into the side of a stopped train at an unlit railroad crossing. People, friends, and family all came to the subdivision early that morning to give prayers and weep. People live with wrecks for a long time. Bobby has the hardest, the boy in the back who was killed, was Bobby's 14 year old brother. I have to live knowing that my step-sister and cousin were killed and not coming back. It's horrible to know the actions of someone's mistake. No, I do not blame Bobby in anyway, but it's horrible knowing they are gone. I highly suggest to everybody who thinks "Oh nothing can happen to me, I've drove before while drinking, it's all good." NO.IT'S.NOT. I recommend you do not drive (unless you absolutely have to) while drinking. Just do not drink and drive. There you go. Problem solved... For some people.



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