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Drugs Case

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Abnormal Psychology


The article I am writing about is about a lady that was addicted to drugs. She used cocaine, marijuana and even crack. Ms. Della Murray was introduced to drugs at a very young age. Drugs played a major role in her life. She stole from the drug dealers, they beat her for them. Ms. Murray had her life threatened, but she continued to use the drugs. She used drugs on a daily basis to get her fix (street name for getting high). She did this on a daily basis for 15 years. This not only affected her health, but her mental state of mind. Ms. Murray suffered from a depressive disorder. As she thought about her life and all the years were just wasted. These thoughts sent her into a depression stage. Ms. Murray went from being a good lady to being a bad lady. Drugs can destroy a person to they feel useless. She has a lot of guilt that she is carrying on her chest. Her depression state was so bad that she now receives SSI. Ms. Murray had prayed to get off drugs, but it came into reality when she got arrested on a drug charge, so she felt that her prayers had then been answered.

There are some drug addicts that feel that drugs do not affect their brains. According to the text, marijuana dosage and quality of the drugs to the mood or personality of the user. Marijuana does have an effect on the brain. The user could have short-term memory. Cocaine is much harder on the brain than marijuana. (Butcher, Hooley, Mineka, 2013).

Ms. Murray had a hard time forgiving herself. She kept all the guilt bundled inside of her. She let drugs took over her life and it kept her in her depression stage. She was homeless and she went to stay with her daughter, but she had been evicted. She should have been there to help her daughter, but she wasn't. The homeless shelter Ms. Murray was referred to East New York Clubhouse a place to help mental ill adults. This facility paid for Ms. Murray a place to store her belongings in storage. She worked r5 days a week, 2 hours per day. Now, Ms. Murray has her own apartment and she is free of drugs.

Living with a depressive disorder is a mental illness that affects one's entire life. Ms. Murray did not finish school, now she is going to try to get her high school diploma. Ms. Murray wants to get a good paying job and then get herself off government assistance. The hopes and dreams she have now she know she should have had years ago, but drugs had took her life over. Ms. Murray decided to put aside her fears and live for her future. Although she's off drugs now she still has challenges that she face. Drugs can ruin your life and keep you down. Drugs destroy your brain cells. People need to love themselves first and leave drugs alone. Drugs



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