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Dual Relationship Challenges Paper

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Dual Relationship Challenges Paper


The point of this paper is to look into the ethical, moral, and legal challenges of dual relationships as an advocate or a mediator. This paper also will give a personal perspective on the integration of advocacy and mediation within the human service field. Also in this paper I will identify my personal philosophy and individual approach to advocating and mediating within different agencies.

Dual Relationship Challenges

A mediator is a third party person who encourages communication between two people to resolve a dispute between two parties and helps the parties find a solution to his or her problem. The mediator does not make any decisions, but the mediator is there to help the client resolve the problem causing the conflict between the two parties. It is the mediators' job to keep the communication between the two parties confidential unless otherwise authorized to do so. It is the mediator's legal and ethical duty not to discuss anything that was mentioned in the mediation. It is important for the mediator to stay neutral when two parties are in disagreement with each other. It can be a challenge for the mediator at times because of his or her personal beliefs and values.

Daily a mediator faces legal, moral, and ethical issues when dealing with conflict, but the mediator must stay neutral to avoid any problems in the future. If one or both of the parties believe that the mediator is bias in any way he or she should seek another mediation service to counsel the two parties. Mediators and advocates are an important part in the human service field because sometimes a client is unaware of his or her rights. Mediators and advocates are necessary for the clients to help them be aware of the laws and regulations of the government that protect him or her. Mediators and advocates are there to answer questions the two parties may have and fill in the gap space helping him or her to understand.

Personal Philosophy and Approach

As a human service professional who works as a mediator or an advocate should have no personal interest in neither parties that why neither party can say that the mediator is biased. Divorce can be a bad thing when children are involved because the children are the one's who usually can be hurt. The two parties are usually bitter at each other and the child/children are usually put in between the middle of a sad and bitter divorce. A mediator or advocate for a divorce should accept what ever is in the divorce decree no matter what the mediator or advocate personal beliefs are. Mediating with the two parties does not involve influencing neither party nor does a mediator make any decisions for the two parties. The mediator's job is to act as a communication facilitator to encourage the two



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