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Dupont Case

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Apart from customers, suppliers, competitors and general public, Dupont's decision will also affect its employees and environmental groups.

My peer has mentioned a little bit about environmental concerned groups, and I do believe they are important stakeholders that will actively react to DuPont's decisions. When the new finding raised the probability of ozone depletion occurs more rapidly than predicted, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other environmental groups has called for a world-wide production ban.(6) If DuPont doesn't take an active role in following the CFC regulations, the environmental groups will put DuPont on the spot and impose pressure on the policy makers to set stricter regulations. Also, the media will place a negative evaluation on DuPont for it is not social responsible. By then, the whole company will face a big threat and distrust from public and not only the CFC division.

DuPont's employees are also internal stakeholders that shouldn't be ignored apart from shareholders, competitors and customers. If DuPont's was put in the spotlight of public and did't make movement towards developing substitute that is more environment friendly, it will not only be criticied by the public, but also lose the best opportunity to keep its leadership position in the industry. By taking a step further and completely abandon the current Freon production, Dupont's will lose revenue in the short term, however it is a more sustainable solution and bring huge benefit in the long term by being the first mover in the market.



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