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E-Commerce Business System

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e-Commerce Business System

Stephen Jones


July 25,2011

Paul Porch

e-Commerce Business System

In the world nowadays, when e-Commerce customers surf a business website it is important to business they return as customers another time. A business has several items that must be addressed when using an e-Commerce system to obtain recurring customers, which is service, and performance. "A site must be efficiently designed for ease of access, shopping, and buying, with sufficient server power and network capacity to support website traffic" (O'Brien & Markas, 2007).

First, a business needs to address how big of a server is need to power the site that will be hosting the e-Commerce system. If a business anticipates their site will have a large amount of customers, they have to decide how many consumers the server can handle before it crashes. No matter what e-Commerce system a business uses to handle their sites performance, the business will face the realism of what the customer think is efficiency and performance. A business with a good e-Commerce system and advanced technology customers will surely coming back to its site for repeat business. An e-Commerce system should encompass something where consumers can come to a website and navigate quickly through their selections on a computer or cellular phone. When customers visit the website they can decrease the size of the graphic file this will populate the page faster. For example, making imagery it as little as possible, this will help the sit with its performance.

The critical elements are importance of understanding when it comes to an e-Commerce business and putting in place a business system like the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) becomes clearer, when business realize there is no person-to-person interaction to form relationships in an e-Commerce business. Furthermore, a business depends on essentials of the customer to the website interface to deliver a pleasing relationship. "CRM allows a business to identify and target their best customer so they can be retained as lifelong customers for greater and more profitable services" (O'Brien & Markas, 2007).

The challenge that an e-Commerce business faces is obtaining customers to visit their website. An e-Commerce business has to take the perspective of their website is the face of their business. Looking at different purchases and a cellular phone on-demand to customers' specification require the site to be informative. The site must meet the needs and wants of the customer. Customer Relationship Management makes potential real-time personalization and customization of



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