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Business Systems - an Introductory Management Perspective

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Essay Preview: Business Systems - an Introductory Management Perspective

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Business systems- An introductory management perspective

Question 1

i- The article from the US news "the final 2012 presidential election results aren't close" was published on January 4th 2013, written by Robert Schlesinger, Robert explains about the conservations can't win at the negotiating table what they lost at the ballot box. The accuracy quality of the information provided in the US news is 100% there isn't any error accuracy provided in the article. The accuracy and verifiability go hand in hand, unverifiable information must also be shown to the scepticism. The article is completeness of information for example it shows important parts of the election, a clear view percentage of 2012 presidential election results. The information given to the world should be an on time; the same information given a month later people will have no interest for it. The election result was given on the same day on US news for the world to know the results. The relevance of information has been split up in a good way in the US news; it shows that Robert knew when to write down the important parts.


Operational Information

Employees will need different kind of information to do their daily tasks. Important thing is to make sure information's are being used at the right time and in the right format. Employees at a level of management, computing Ltd have a well-defined short-term task. This will comprise operational information to the upper level of management. The company is known for their employees to compact day-to-day operations.

Tactical information

Tactical is also known as traditional or analytical in assorted industry articles, this is an application business intelligence utensil to investigate business trends. This is often comparing it to an explicit metric (such as sales and expenses). OLAP, is an online analytical processing employees need to discover trends or anomalies that need attention. The middle management (employees) needs the right information to manage and plan their projects.

Strategic information

All top managers concerned with long-term objectives and strategies. Information is gathered from both internal and external sources. The project are a general timescale which may be from one to five years or even longer depending on the top level managers project. The level managers need everything up to date, there information system requirements are on time reports.

(B) Internet

The Computing Ltd can put several information, first share company information to share with their employees, also some information which is the companies private and access is classified to employees in the company only. Secondly products information is used to share their products on web page. The web provides a product range; hardware, software, sales offers and customers service information etc for their consumers


The intranet gives the staff a method gain access to time sensitive information. All information can be available on the intranet this will reduce paper cost. It's an easier way to publish newspapers on intranet for consumers. Intranet has a faster access to information and to publish information.


Extranet may contain personal, customers, supplies and strategic partners. To allow access to internal users it is likely to give discerning access to the company's intranet to external workers like provides and the customers.

(C) Bandwidth

Bandwidth comes is the same line as networks, it usually refers to the amount of data and information that can spread throughout the communication line. An increase in bandwidth will be a very good impact on the Computing Ltd. This will give a very good impact on the speed, this will process the work very faster for the computing Ltd and reduce time wasting by a slow network.


Most of the companies hold onto responsive personal information about their customers and employees in their files. Keeping a sound security strategy in place to gather only what you need, it should also be out of harms way, dispose of it securely it will help the computing Ltd to protect that sensitive data. The data security should be licensed perfectly to keep all sensitive data safe at the computing Ltd.

Question 2


The new iMac have recommended for the computing Ltd, it's amazingly thin, it offers faster quad core performance. The new iMac has up to more then 60% graphics, ultra fast Thunderbolt and USB 3 ports. It also has a powerful enough for a design studio, and also for house or science lab, and also a computing Ltd. The CPU and memory for the iMac, it has an Intel core i5 quad core, Processor speed 2.9GHz. Most important thing is the GB of the computer IMac has 8GM RAM, it would also be possible to get a bigger size of GB RAM. IMac has a DDR3 RAM. Computing Ltd needs a very good and useful hard drive, which IMac is the best Pc that has been recommend as a junior consultant it has 1000GB 1TBSATA hard drive. The IMac has useful apps and software's for graphics this could be useful for the computing Ltd, it could be used for their web page and use the graphic software for any magazines if they want to make, it has a NVIDIA GeForce with 512MB memory. The IMac also has power saving facilities, Bluetooth and wireless/WiFi enabled. The general features



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