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Riordan Manufacturing Existing Business Systems ( Finanace & Accounting)

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Essay Preview: Riordan Manufacturing Existing Business Systems ( Finanace & Accounting)

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Riordan Manufacturing Existing Business Systems

Finance and Accounting

Currently these systems are used for many accounting and financial uses such as accounts (payable/received), ledgers (financial transactions), order entry, sales receipts and returns, procurement (reducing of purchase cost), and other financial needs. Currently there are three branches with Riordan Manufacturing that are currently using existing Financing and Accounting departments. These branches are located in California, Georgia, and Michigan. The existing system that these branches use for their Finance and Accounting needs have yet to be integrated. The current Finance and Accounting departments in these three branches operate different business systems. Each one of these sites have their own software that they use to do their Financial and Accounting on. With this much information it is important that these existing business systems become integrated so their systems would be kept up-to-date.

With each of the sites running different software, this leaves the company with mismatched process, equipment, and software incompatibilities. These incompatibilities are costing the company an excess of time and effort it takes to work with the existing business system. This time and effort that it is costing the company is making it harder to track down document and record hardcopy reports. Another issue with having different software for the financing and accounting is that the financial records are in a total disarray without any data integrity and this could mean the company may possibly end up with an audit. In order to integrate these existing business systems, the development team thinks licenses should be purchased for each of the Riordan's Manufacturing sites so they are able to streamline the company's finance and accounting capabilities.

In order to keep the company from being audited, it is important for each branch of Riordan Manufacturing to integrate their finance and accounting systems to make sure all the software is compatible with the main system. This would ensure that all the financial and accounting records would have the same information no matter what branch or site it is coming from. The Finance and Accounting system has sub-systems that are all collectively consolidated in San Jose, California where the Corporate Headquarters are.


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