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Economic Status of Areas Surrounding U.S Ports

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Essay Preview: Economic Status of Areas Surrounding U.S Ports

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As no operating company can exist without suppliers, employees and customers, we can't imagine trade without shipping ports which is key bridge to trade export and import by sea between the countries. So, we need to pay attention more on making policy in order for getting benefit of international trade while facing increasing opposition to port expansion by local communities. According to some studies, they found that when comparing port district to their surrounding metropolitan areas, household unemployment and poverty rates are significantly higher in port district. The reason of these issues is that large container ports might have significant negative appealing which may drive down everything such as low rent, bad city appearance that attract low income people. The only business is not making profit even residents and citizen have to get benefit from trade. It means international trade must be beneficial for a nation's economy. If we want to get this benefit we need to support growing volumes of international trade. In order to this, port expansion definitely will need. But, the political economy of goods movement can be similar to trade, while trade's benefits are spread and the cost of trade is high which hurt by trade so might be this reason required to expand ports. Another issue is about jobs that are plentiful and yet the residents of port area suffer from high unemployment and poverty rates. Job training programs could help residents of ports to better take advantage of the economic opportunities in port. Based on above these issues, police makers need to up to date policy instrument in improving the economic and environmental status of port area.



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