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Economy Case

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Songs are like movies telling many stories of life. In the novel Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman songs are important because they bring people together and save lives. Fat Charlie saved Daisy's life by singing "Under the Boardwalk". Spider sang "Under the Boardwalk" as well. Daisy's theme song saves lives and allows her to catch Ghrame Coats. Also, the Mermaid singing brought father and son together. Through songs people express themselves and fears can be overcome.

Daisy's theme song was constantly playing in her head as reminder to be vigilant. Her song was a lifestyle. "Her song, which had been somewhere in the back of her head for most of her life, had a reassuring, marching sort of beat, and words that were about protecting the weak, and it had a chorus that began 'Evildoers beware!' and was thus much too silly ever to be sung out loud"(Gaiman 189). At the en of the day Daisy was a police officer that had a job to do. Daisy was willing to stop at nothing to catch Ghrame Coats. "'Evildoers beware!' it sang. 'Beware! Take care! Evildoers everywhere!' and Daisy was marching to its beat" (Gaiman 303). Daisy really stands by her morals and is on the lookout for evildoers.

Spider is completely the opposite of Fat Charlie. He is able to do many things that Fat Charlie can only dream of doing. "When Spider announced it was time to find another pub, the entire birthday group decided, as one woman, that they were coming with him"( Gaiman 78). Spider was the life of the party. Spider didn't know that "Under the Boardwalk" was his brother's song. "And now Spider was singing his song, and singing it well. He sang it in tune; he sang it as if he meant it. People stopped drinking, stopped talking, and they looked at him, and they listened" (Gaiman 82) There was a sense that Fat Charlie and Spider had a connection even though they were opposite of each other.

Fat Charlie had a fear of going anywhere in life. In the beginning he seemed to be missing the elements of ambition and motivation. Fat Charlie was satisfied with the direction his life was heading regarding his job and marriage. "All about him, Fat Charlie would see people ascending implacably to their levels of incompetence, while he remained in entry-level positions, performing essential functions until the day he rejoined the ranks of the unemployed and started watching daytime television again" (Gaiman 53). Fat Charlie decided to change when Spider arrived in his life. When Fat Charlie and Daisy are at dinner he becomes brave and quick-witted when Grahame Coats threatens her with a gun. The audience clapped, and Fat Charlie smiled and he sang, and as he sang he knew, without any shadow of a doubt, that everything was going to be all right"(Gaiman 320). Although Fat Charlie was completely terror-stricken



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