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Edu 320 - Self Reflection Essay

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Leonard Francesconi

EDU 320

Dr. Hannah

Final Reflection

Before I start with this reflection I like to thank Charles Town middle school in Charles Town, WV, the teacher I was assigned to, and the students I had the pleasure in observing. The teacher herself is a great credit to her profession, the school, and to the students. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of her classroom.

My journey to becoming a teacher began before I graduated high school. Inspired by talented teachers who cared enough to stimulate their students and motivate learning, teaching became a vocational interest of mine at a relatively early age. Upon joining the Navy in 1995, I became aware that it was part of the job to teach others the things that I had learned through formal schools and experience. As I progressed through the ranks my teaching responsibilities intensified and became more critical to the success of those junior to me, as well as to the overall success of the command to which I was assigned. I was now training junior personnel and subordinates on a regular basis. . In 2000, I received my instructor's certification and now I was building lesson plans, tests, and on-hand training materials. A common phrase I learned was "Train your reliefs." These events in my life harvested with in me the idea of becoming a teacher after I left the navy.

The class I was assigned to was the ESL (English is a Second Language) class. The first two periods have the same three students and they were in fifth grade. The last class I observed was five sixth grade students in the third period. It took about 2 minutes for all of the students to get ready to begin their lessons. The students were very excited to be there. I could tell this from their active participation and constant smiles. What I already knew was that with each class, there should be a greeting to welcome the students but I witnessed compassion and enthusiasm from the teacher that was reflected on the students on how they always responded to her with a happy tone in their voice. Being a father of three, I always see their faces shine when I give them a word of encouragement.

It is different to see young students in a classroom versus adults in a classroom in the navy. In the classroom of the young students, when a positive action is given, usually a positive response is given in return. The atmosphere in the classroom was very pleasant. The students appeared to be very comfortable and willing to interact with each other and the teacher. Sometimes a listening ear or a smile from a teacher brings positive attention and participation from the students.

I learned that effective teaching requires making difficult and principled choices, exercising vigilant judgment, and honoring the compound nature of education. The technical



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