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Self-Assessment/reflective Essay of My Exploratory Essay

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Essay Preview: Self-Assessment/reflective Essay of My Exploratory Essay

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My exploratory essay was about the negative impact of globalization on the industrialized nations. I chose clustering as my pre-writing strategy. I found this technique to be highly effective for the reason that globalization has many, complicated and interconnected negative effects. Clustering technique enabled me to not only identify these negative impacts; it also enabled me to easily identify the inter-connectedness of these factors as well. Nonetheless, I will consider employing multiple pre-writing/invention strategies next time I will be writing an exploratory essay. This approach appears more suitable for helping the writer to unearth as many ideas as there could be (Ede, 2001).

By writing about "the negative impact of globalization on industrialized nations," I purposed to bring to light the many undesired social and economic effects that have emerged in industrialized societies -particular western societies - primary due to globalization. This essay targeted an audience of members of western society and aimed at making them conscious of the link between some of the contemporary socio-economic problems in their society and globalization. The major negative impact I wanted my audience to be aware of was massive job losses either due to corporations from industrialized nations relocating to third world countries to take advantage of cheap labor, or due to the same firms massively outsourcing their operations to the same countries for the same reason.

Upon completing writing the essay, I embarked on revising it in order to ensure that the final draft was well polished. The first step was to check grammar mistakes and removing them. The second step was to ensure that my ideas were arranged in a well flowing and meaningful manner and that the essay followed a standard essay structure; had a brief introduction, the main arguments in the main body, and a concise conclusion. Finally, I revisited my main ideas, modified those that needed modification, and re-read the essay for the final time to ensure I had exhausted my arguments and presented them in an attractive format and compelling manner. The result of these revisions was a highly polished essay. This taught me that a compelling exploratory essay is achieved through thorough revision of the first draft as it enables the author to build and rebuild new ideas upon the first draft.

Upon assessment of my exploratory essay, I was convinced that the essay not only presented my main points in a compelling manner, it also comprehensively covered the major possible aspects of the topic of my discussion. However, the exploratory essay tended to ignore some seemingly insignificant negative impacts of globalization, for example multiculturalism, which upon careful thought emerged as having significantly large and far-reaching negative consequences. Furthermore, despite having put in considerable effort to ensure good flow of ideas and arguments in the essay, I noticed



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