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Effect of Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

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Essay Preview: Effect of Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

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Effect of Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

I am going to write about the effects of the BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico disaster. There are numerous things that the oil spill has affected such as the environment, species, wildlife habitat, our resources, and even our future. Fixing this is not going to be a walk in the park. It could take years till all the oil is gone. Many organizations such as NWF (National Wildlife Federation) are doing their best on helping the disaster. It is important that this issue should be addressed to everyone because not only this effects the environment, it also affects us.

On the 20th of April 2010, BP had an oil well explosion on the Gulf of Mexico, which caused an estimated oil spill of 172 million gallons. This also caused tremendous damage to the environment and wildlife, killing many species and eco systems. Back in March 24th, 1989, there was also an oil spill from Exxon Valdez of 10.8 million gallons of oil into the Prince William Sound, Alaska. According to NWF, 20 years has passed since the spill and it is still not completely recovered. Just think how long the BP oil spill could last if we have not yet recovered Exxon back in 1989. This could take over 100 years to recover.

The oil spill effected the environment, our resources, corporations, jobs, and even our future. The oil spill effected the environment because it damaged all the wildlife habitats, which make many organisms unable to mate, have a home to nurture their babies or eggs or even to have any. As for resources, it affects us for water, it damages clean water for us, and also the fish we eat. Fishes can consume the oil, and those fished could be caught for sale in the markets in which we buy and eat. Corporations such as BP and Exxon, are now in danger for their spill, and cleaning this spill will cost them millions. Many jobs are at risk since the oil spill. Fisher mans for example, they aren't allowed to be fishing anymore because of the spill, and so that makes them out of a job until the Gulf is clean enough to fish again. This whole oil spill effects our future in many ways. This can cause major damages to the environment which may lead to future issues. We want a future that still has life and trees for our own children. This may even cause health issues for ourselves if we don't help protect the environment. Also certain herbs might become extinct when we need them the most.

How are we going to fix this disaster? Some organizations have already been helping out since day one for the recovery of the Gulf. They also had volunteers to come out and help too. According to NWF, they feel that they have an obligation to aid Gulf wildlife recovery, and ecosystem restoration, and prevent future dirty fuel disasters. By helping the wildlife recover, they are finding the species that are impacted on the oil spill and wash all the oil from their bodies and help them recover



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