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The Bp Oil Spill

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The BP Oil Spill

Have you ever thought about how has the BP oil spill impacted you? Well believe it or not, it has greatly polluted the environment in the Gulf of Mexico and it has impacted the American citizens economically. The US is spending millions of dollars on helping clean up the oil spill and before this incident; it was a place that gave the US revenue because of its fishing and tourism. And who is paying for that? Tax payers and that's us! When will BP change its strategies to prevent these environmental catastrophes from happening again and again? Over time, there have been numerous oil spills through the world that have negatively impacted the world environmentally and economically and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is one of them. BP is a British petroleum company headquartered in London, Britain. It is located all over the world and it is the biggest oil producer in the United States

The BP Gulf oil spill has negatively impacted the environment by destroying the beautiful ecosystem and killing thousands of marine animals such as many different types of fish, turtles, births, dolphins, shrimp, and tuna. One example of this is that whenever dolphins and whales go to the surface to breath, they inhale the toxins of the oil because some of the oil spillage is floating on the water. Conservationists, biologists, and many other people have fought to take off animals from the extinction list and they have succeeded, but now they are back on the list and according to Patrick Szabo from Suite101, one of them is the Brown Pelican. The Brown Pelican depends on the fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and since many of the fish have been killed and some have moved to other places because the oil spill has created "kill zones" where there is no life, the pelicans lose their major food source. Marine animals can't survive in those places due to really low levels of oxygen.

The oil spill it has not only affected the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico, but other parts too. The Ocean currents and the winds have spread the oil, contaminating the Gulf coast, affecting even more animal's species like the sea turtles that nests its eggs on some parts of the Louisianan and Florida coast.

The BP Gulf oil spill has negatively impacted the local economy by affecting the seafood industry. One example that shows how the seafood industry has being affected is the Blue Finned Tuna. As you may know, tuna is used to make sushi and they are located in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Szabo, that is where they all hatch and since the oil is now all over the place, it's going to dramatically impact the tuna population, making them become in danger of extinction. And if there is no tuna, then there is no sushi, and there are no profits for local fishing industries who relied on catching tuna and other fish, who then sold it to local seafood restaurants who bought the tuna



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