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Effect of Populations Density and Noise Paper

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Essay Preview: Effect of Populations Density and Noise Paper

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Effects of Population Density and Noise

Population density can be described as a common statistic that is compared all around the world (Rosenberg, 2011). Population density is a measure of unit which takes the number of individuals living in a region and then the break up how many of those individuals live in an area per unit. This can be determined if the size of the land is known and how many people live in that area (Rosenberg, 2011). The reality of it is that the population density has grown extremely over the last decade. Population density is what allows determining an average of how many individuals are in an area. Due to the high population density other issues arise. Throughout the paper we will discuss the concepts of territoriality, privacy, and personal space along with the concepts of noise and how it has an effect on people. Then strategies will be discussed that can be used to reduce noise in different environments.


Noise is something that is all around us in different environment settings. Noise can be any sound and be produced through various things such as: traffic, people, electronic devices, nature, vehicles, animals, construction and so on. All of these things produce sound/noise and population density can have an effect on how much noise there is. In a city or large town, there can be more noise in those areas rather than small towns that have less population in them. There is much more to noise then people may see. Frequency has a lot to do with noise which plays a strong factor in the loudness of a specific noise. Noise can be broke down by characteristics such as timbre, magnification and pitch of the sound. According to Merriam Webster Encyclopedia (2011), "Sound is known as the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other mediums and the objective cause of hearing". Noise has become a part of our lives in multiple aspects and we become so exposed to various noises it may take time for people to notice that sound. Individuals also adjust to noises and can learn to block them out or they become a cycle then the noise becomes irrelevant.

All aspects noise is affected by the environment and how that sound is dis burst in the setting that is causing the noise. However, there is not a lot that has been known on the neurological language to sound and the psychological perception of how the sound is heard. Bronzaft et al (2008) find that individuals who live close to airports experience a much more significant amount of noise than other people who live in the same town and they are 50% more likely to become bothered with the noise of the planes and other traffic noise. Depending on where the environmental setting is and the noise that is taking place all depends on how the noise is perceived. Though noise can be no harm to people, there are circumstances where it can cause chronic psychological and even physiological damage which can turn around and have an effect on functioning, performance and even an individual's social behavior. Though depending on the environment an individual is in and what noise they are being exposed to can depend on how they react to it. There are strategies that can be used to reduce noise and even able to tune certain noises out.

Strategies towards Noise

Most individuals do not realize that noise pollution can have an impact on their bodies more than they think. Noise pollution can elevate blood pressure; impair cognitive functioning, along with other forms of stress. There are ways to help lower or eliminate the noise that is bothersome. In all reality our fist defense is to eliminate the noise that is disturbing us. One way to help reduce noise can be handled by using materials that are made for absorbing sound, which doesn't completely take the noise away but lowers the noise to where it does not affect people. With today's technology there is almost anything you can buy that can be used to help eliminate noises. These can range from; fabric, panels, and baffle which all can help to reduce noise in a specific environment that an individual may be in.

Another strategy to help reduce noise or noise that may not be able to be avoided is turning the environment around into a healthier one. This can be done by bringing relaxing things into the environment. Some things may be meditation, noise machines or a sound spa, anything that plays relaxing music or sounds. What this does it helps the mind focus on the relaxing sounds while it reduces the noises that are bothersome.

Territoriality, Privacy, and Personal Space

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2006) ..."The term "privacy" is used frequently in ordinary language as well as in philosophical, political and legal discussions, yet there is no single definition or analysis or meaning of the term" (para. 1). There is a broad root of the concept of privacy especially in sociological and anthropological discussions



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