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Psy 460 - Population Density Noise

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Essay Preview: Psy 460 - Population Density Noise

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Noise paper

Sherry Sweeten


September 12, 2012

Mia Boozer

Population density is a growing matter, as the world grows. Individuals have difficulty with privacy and their personal space. Noise is another matter with the growing population. There are ways to decrease noise, change his or her music that is more pleasing to hear and relax with or find a way to get rid of the disturbing noise, such as soundproofing doors and windows.

Proxemics is a word individuals use to describe the space in which he or she needs, to distance from each other. It depends on the what culture he or she belongs, for what distance is needed for personal space. Territoriality is a type of non-verbal communication, for example, when dogs, cats, lions, tigers and many more animals protect their terrain. Territoriality is an individual's bubble. This is called an individual's personality space. Individuals experience territoriality. Some cultures like to get extremely close to people and when they do get close, the people of some cultures get intimate with one another. Other culture, like the western side, likes their privacy and has a bubble with their intimacy with other individuals.

Because of the denser world, most citizens have to live closer to each other. This means a person's territory is becoming invaded on which makes a person lose their personal space or their bubble and not to forget privacy. More and more people use public transits because of gas prices is too high for anyone to afford. By more people getting in smaller spaces a person's personal space or bubble will be invaded. Housing has started being built on top of one another. For example, more apartments are being built. With apartments he or she has neighbors and thin walls. In that sense, it takes a person's privacy that is wanted or needed in his or her home.

Aquariums and zoos were built to appease the curiosity of people in general. Zoos and aquariums are also now used to educate people on aquatic life and wildlife preservation. The benefits of having natural areas in urban environments are abundant. A green environment overflowing with clean air will reduce illness and increase his or her health but also to "encourage a healthy population by reducing the amount of crime in an area "(Clayton & Myers, 2009). Parks promote social relations between people who live in the area of the park. Parks in most cases are the only place where people can meet to play games, for example, volleyball or tennis. "Children in urban environments do well with parks as studies have shown that children work better in natural environments where they are allowed to be free to play and be themselves" (Clayton & Myers, 2009). People, who have access to plant a garden and grow their own food, can make their own decision on if their food gets pesticides or not. The price of food is increasing every day, it would



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