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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

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Essay Preview: Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

NUR 492


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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

In the field of nursing, it is crucial to have management that is an effective leader in order to have a successful unit. Management and leadership roles vary, however, if the manager is not a leader, there will be many hardships and the atmosphere may not include teamwork.

Leadership is the process of applying knowledge and skills to a group of individuals to inspire and influence to achieve a common goal. Leaders are continuously studying and working to improve their leadership skills to inspire their team members to reach higher levels and achieve the team goals.

In my opinion, leadership is someone that I look up to. It is someone that influences and inspires me. A leader is a person that I want to be like. It is a person that shows me the direction that I need to go, someone I can go to when I am confused or simply do not know something, and they teach me or show me what I need to do. A leader is someone that does not humiliate or put one down. A leader is the person that is there to help the team set their goals and shows them the direction to achieve the goals. The leader is there help get them in the right direction if they go astray. The leader is meant to inspire and lead the team to achievement.

Management is the act of using or controlling something successful. In nursing, management can consist of patient care, budget, staffing, patient satisfaction and much, much more. The difference between management and leadership is that management can include much more than leadership. It can include things like scheduling, budgeting, and patient satisfaction. However managers are expected to be leaders. Both leaders and managers are expected to be successful. They are both meant to result in excellence and achievement.

Characteristics of an effective leader are someone who shows determination and the will to succeed. However, while doing so, they must also show empathy and the ability to relate with other people and keep their feelings and personalities in mind. It is important for an effective



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