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Theory Application in Practical Organizational Behavior Issues

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Essay Preview: Theory Application in Practical Organizational Behavior Issues

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The assignment examines two subject areas of the Organizational Behavior

Unit through critical analysis of the concrete work situations and proposes possible

argued solutions, supported by academic literature and incorporating aspects of different

organizational behavior theories.

In the first case study, we present how the need theories of motivation

(Maslow's hierarchy pyramid, Alderfer ERG Theory and Herzberg's duality theory) are

applied, by analyzing the concrete individual behavior of an employee in given work

situation. In addition, achievers needs based on McClelland are also addressed. At the

end, by summarizing the overall particular situation, we are suggesting a proposal based

on the findings from several motivation theories, in order to resolve the elaborated

motivation problem.

In the second case study, we present the organizational structure of a large

telecommunication company which fits to classical departmentalization by business

functions. We analyze the organizational structure of this company, addressing its

weaknesses in a situation when the market is changing fast and rapidly. At the end, we

made a recommendation based on Mintzberg adhocracy organization design and the

benefits of cross functional teams.


Nikola Ognenovski

Understanding Organizational Behavior

Table of Content

1. Abstract

2. Case Study I

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Problem Analysis

2.3 Recommendations for problem solving

2.4 Conclusion for the Case Study I

3. Case Study II

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Problem Analysis

3.3 Recommendations for problem solving

1.4 Conclusion for the Case Study I

4. References/Bibliography













Nikola Ognenovski

Understanding Organizational Behavior

Case Study I


2.1 Introduction

"Makedonski Telekom" (MT) is an incumbent operator in the fixed

telecommunication in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), founded in

1949. Established as a state owned Company and privatized in 2000 at the moment it is

the largest telecommunication company on the market. In 2007 and 2008, the company

was ranked among the best based on booked revenue and net profit in the country.

In the past several years, the company was constantly improving its

effectiveness, preparing for the market liberalization and opening to the competition.

The improvement of the human resources process within the company, as well as the

hiring and keeping the best people on the labor market were the company's highest

priority. The company finished the process of re-branding into T-Home, the common

name for all fixed-line operators within the Deutsche Telecom group, which stands for

implementation of highest standards regarding the quality and reliability of the services,

and compliance with T-values. The total number of employees is 1,700 and they work

in separate functional areas, such as Technical, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human

Resources. In order to fulfill their job responsibilities, in general, the employees are

expected to have excellent interpersonal, organizational and analytical skills, to be

qualified for the particular job and to be prepared for multitasking and to work under

pressure. Namely, the innovative and modern working conditions are rated among

the best in the country. The company is perceived as one of the most attractive for the

employees. Based on the statistics in the country, the telecommunication industry has

the highest salaries, alongside with the banking sector.

Thirteenth salary and holiday payments are regular practice. The company also

covers the full fringe benefits (health insurance, social security and retirement benefits,

paid sick leave)



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