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Effects of Communication

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Chapter 1


There are 7 billion people in the world, we used to live together, work together, and play

together. In our personal lives, we need each other for security, comfort, friendship, and love. In

our working environment, we need each other in order to achieve our goals. None of these goals

can be achieve without communication.

        Communication is a vital part of personal life and is also important in business, education and any other situations where people encounter each other (Encarta, 1998).

Communication is the basic thread that ties us together. Through communication we make known our needs, our wants, our ideas, and our feelings. The better we are at communication, the more effective we are at achieving our hopes and dreams (Alessandra, Hunsaker, 1993).

Communication or Business communication is a very crucial element in successful business organization. It is the mainstream of development or growth of the business organization. The business relationship is very important between management and employees. There is need for interaction and understanding of management employee relations hence it will impact on the organizational performances and organizational outcomes.

Effective communication is a vital tool for each of us especially for business owners. Through communication, It can help to foster a good working relationship within or inside the

organization. Teams that have developed tight feedback cycles often complete tasks more quickly, especially when they receive clear goals from leadership. Likewise, companies that understand how to efficiently communicate their value propositions earn more business while spending less money on advertising and public relations. Reduced employee churn and increased annual revenues both indicate that teams have developed highly functional communication skills.

Communication, from a management point of view, is the process by which people are informed and guided to achieve the best results.  To communicate effectively means not only putting your thoughts in order and presenting them in an accessible way, but also expressing them in a way that would capture the attention of the receiver (Beattie and Ellis, 2014).

 Communication makes possible the interaction between members of the working team. A manager should be the first to establish bridges between the members of the organization, through a careful and effective communication. Through   communication, organization activities scroll correctly.

As a management tool, communication intends to establish good interpersonal relationships, non-confrontational and based on the achievement of common goals: to increase the level of skills, the need to mobilize employees on the path of changing goals, in order to exploit to the fullest of their work force the evolution of forms of production. It resembles some of the factors that could explain the objective of increasing the role of communication.

According to some authors, communication management is a form of interpersonal leadership, a tool with which the manager may exercise specific powers: forecasting, training, organization, coordination, control, evaluation. According to these boundaries of communication management, the manager can arrange tasks in a more efficient manner, he can communicate more easily with employees, have a starting point in making decisions, a well  developed  plan.

 Lack of communication may cause certain problems to achieving the objectives of the company. Employees are the most important resource of the organization, and the way in which they are actively involved in attaining the strategic objectives of the company for which they work is crucial to get the expected performance of top management (Kandlousi et al. 2010).

By this, the researcher would be able to know   how   business communication affect the employees or the whole organization. Communication is crucial to achieve the organization’s goal. Without communication an organization will not function. Through communication the whole organization will be able to understand each other, achieve its goal, and function properly.


Major Problem:

   What are the effects of communication in a business?

Minor Problem:

  1. What is the importance of effective communication in a business?
  2.  What are the positive effects of communication in a business?

  1. What are the negative effects of communication in a business?
  2. How effective has the business  communication enhance the job performance, relationship and productivity?
  3. Does effective communication influences management in terms of decision making and leadership?


Communication or business communication is the essential part of modern business. Communication helps to pull all the hidden talents from subordinates in the organization. The purpose of this study is to know the impacts of communication in a business. If an  organization will perform better with or without communication. This study will help us determine if the business is achieving the goal through communication. Through comunication , the business can exchange information between employees. It can also help with the formation and expansion of plans. Communication helps to increase the efficiency of the employees of an organization by supplying information timely. There are so many objectives or purposes of business communication, that’s why the researchers purpose to do this study is that to know the effects of communication in a business.


Effective communication is very important for the managers  and the subordinates to achieve the desired goal of the organization. The success of the management depends on the utilization of organizational resources. To achieve such an organizational goal planning, organizing, leading, controlling is very important. For the effective implementation of the management process business communication is important.

Businessperson:  to know the importance of having a communication by elaborating its effects in the workplace and apply it in their selves.  It will also help them to have a good connection with their employees and customers or consumers.



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