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Electronic Medical Records

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Electronic Medical Records

Brittany Griffin


March 16, 2014

Constance Sumner

Electronic Medical Records

        Health data technology is shifting the conveyance of health care in America. Health care services use computerized medical records to access a patient's medical and treatment history in conditions where time is needed. Electronic Medical Records are frequently used in life or death conditions. For example, a patient is taken to the emergency room in critical condition and must be treated right away.

        The great dispute regarding electronic medical records carry on to this day, and as more organizations are applied, the more problems providers and specialists have. Most emergency medical records are plagued by inaccurate data. Another main challenge is once made, EMRs must be transferred to a number of different systems, depending on the kind of method a facility is using. The use electronic medical records has played a huge effect on health care delivery. “A New Health System for the 21st Century,1 the Institute of Medicine recognized that health information technology would play a central role in the redesign of the health care system to support improvements in quality and patient safety” (Fulton and M, 2011). The compensations of emergency medical records are a patient's records are able to be retrieved in a short sum of time without the breaks in treatment and health problems that may exists when by means of using paper records. EMRs are also really transferrable and can be used for mobile health usage. 

        After reading this article, I agree the use of electronic medical records has several advantages and disadvantages. Healthcare services uses the electronic medical records method to stock patient’s records by replacing old-style paper visual aid. Money is saved by means of using electronic medical records; not only for the cost of paper and folders, but the price of labor and space too. In some business, time equals to the price of money. The productivities created by only typing a small number of keystrokes to recover a patient's record as to gazing at hundreds of file folders, saves a doctor's office or a clinic thousands of dollars every day. “With the current increasing use of electronic records in the health care industry, and planned expansion in the years to arise, the paper hospital record may soon be viewed as a historical curiosity. Health care providers and their counsel must continue to work together to prepare for this "sea change" and consider its implications for e-discovery issues in medical malpractice cases” (Fulton and M, 2011).



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