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Medical Records - Quality Control Procedures

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Essay Preview: Medical Records - Quality Control Procedures

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Quality Control Procedures

In the medical field, chart auditing is a very important process. This is because of the fact that quality control procedures are monitored during the chart auditing procedure. In a 2010 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics update, "a large part of quality control focuses on monitoring, testing and inspecting products or services to check for defects, areas of excellence and areas for improvement" (Bartolomei, n.d.). Because this process is such an important factor of the functioning of any medical facility, it is important for any blooming facility to concoct a set of procedures to follow in regards to chart auditing.

When creating a set of procedures for chart auditing within a facility, there are some general guidelines that can be followed. It is important to remember that not every facility works in the same manner, and is unique in its own way. However, there are 8 steps that can be followed in order to complete a formal chart audit. Because of the fact that every medical facility is unique, "the process is not always necessarily linear" and can be completed in any order that works (How to conduct an audit, n.d.). These 8 steps are:

* Select a Topic

* Identify Measures

* Identify Patient Population

* Determine Sample Size

* Create Tools

* Collect Data

* Summarize Results

* Apply Results

In a similar fashion, the process of quality-improvement varies from facility. Regardless of this fact, there is a popular business strategy known as Six Sigma that is utilized by many medical facilities. Six Sigma bases its work on the objective of providing companies multiple ways to decrease waste and increase efficiency within the company. Six Sigma utilizes the uniqueness of individual facilities to their advantage by offering multiple techniques for businesses to follow. Because of the fact that the facility in the scenario provided is just starting, it is almost inevitable that numerous financial troubles will come along. Due to this fact, Six Sigma's IDOV technique is the best quality-improvement technique option to follow. This technique is very similar to others that Six Sigma has to offer. However, this option adds a more cost-efficient aspect than the other options. Despite the fact that this option strives to save the facility money, companies choosing this technique can feel secure that the best product or service possible will still be provided to the business's clients.

Another important aspect of starting up a new healthcare facility is that of compliance. In the medical field, there are many policies and standards that must be complied



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