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Medical Records Service

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An online medical record is a program that allows the user to store all their medical information online. It also keeps everything organized for you. Prescriptions, diagnoses, tests, doctor visits, x-rays and more can be stored for your personal use. When you begin all you have to do is provide to the service the names of your doctors and the cities and they take care of the rest. Access to the service is 24/7 and it also gives all your doctors access. They can check what medications you are on, when you had your last blood test and so on. If you decide you do not want the service you can download all the information to a USB and take it with you. (Lunden, 2008)

A big advantage to adopting a medical record service is that it is cost effective. There would be a bigger cost to begin with but over time the cost will result in a greater savings for clinicians and health insurance companies. Since all records are kept in computer files it would save a great amount of space. There would be a reduction in the amount of paper needed by medical offices, hospitals, and insurance companies. One of the best advantages of the medical service is that since different doctor's can have access to your records there would be less duplicate tests, they would be more aware of the medicines that the patient has been provided and can make sure the prescriptions they issue do not counter act with new medicines. Patients that see several doctors and or specialists will not have to remember all the treatments they have received, the doctor can look it up. It would be much easier for them to coordinate care. The service would be a huge time saver. Less faxing, sending emails and time wasted waiting for test or lab results. This service would help in emergencies if a patient could not answer medical questions or if they are confused.

There are concerns with thing new. Patients could be afraid of putting all their personal information online for fear of getting hacked. If the information got into the wrong hands there could be a case of identity theft. Confidentiality may be a concern for some. (What are the Advantages of Electronic Medical Records, 2012) HIPPA has not gone digital yet and people worry about their information not staying private. Or if there would be employees spying on patients records, or the computers being stolen. (What are the Disadvantages of Electronic Medical Records)

I would definitely use this system for me or my family. I feel it would be an asset. It would save me time telling the doctors the same thing over and over each time you see them. I could access my own records if need be. It would save time filling out medical forms at each doctors office. I have been to a few doctors who are just starting the service and it is slow and takes a few minutes longer but I feel that after they have all the information in the system it will work out just fine.



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