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Emotional Intelligence

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Essay Preview: Emotional Intelligence

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When we talk about emotional intelligence we are almost always referring to 'mental' intelligence or IQ. Like it or not a whole language has grown up to describe degrees of intelligence. Experienced observers of human behaviour say that there is every reason for taking emotional intelligence (EI) just as seriously as the mental variety, if not more so. After all without realizing people use EI widely in CVs, references, interviews and assessment centre activities as an integral part of recruitment and selection process.

EI has only come into the language in the past 10 years, but colloquialisms for aspects of it have been with us for longer than that and indeed crop up all the time. Ever since it came into prominence in the early 1990s, critics have dismissed it as a passing fad. However those like Daniel Goleman, who have championed the concept of EI argue that in the workplace possessing mental intelligence is just not enough anymore.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

It can be divided into ability EI and trait EI. Ability EI is usually measured using maximum performance tests and has stronger relationships with traditional intelligence, whereas trait EI is usually measured using self-report questionnaires and has stronger relationships with personality

 Findings

* It is generally recognized that EI is made up of five components.

o Self regulation-being able to manage and control your own emotional state.

o Self-awareness-knowing yourself and what your emotions are telling you.

o Motivation-channelling your emotions to enable you to achieve goals.

o Empathy-recognizing and reading emotions in others.

o Social skills-relating and influencing others.

* On a macro level the level of emotional intelligence is almost the same among men and women. Though on the micro level there are many differences as these are two different species and hence handle emotions differently.

* A person is not born emotionally intelligent. It is an ability which can be developed through life experiences.

* In one of the organizations that we spoke to EI was measured and training was given only to employees at the senior level management.

* In the U.S.A and EUROPE, it is illegal to recruit a person on the basis of his/her EI score. However in INDIA it is some organizations as a basis for selection.

* Manifestation of EI is culture specific.

* EI



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