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Workplace Emotional Intelligence

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Essay Preview: Workplace Emotional Intelligence

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1. Imagine you're on a plane and it suddenly begins rolling dramatically from side to side what do you do?

My answer would be C - Either keep reading your book and ignore it or become vigilant in case of emergency. Notice the flight attendants and review the card with instructions for emergencies.

I chose this answer because I think it depends on how bad and long the turbulence is. If the turbulence is short then I know that the pilots and flight attendances have everything under control and there is nothing to worry about. However, if the turbulence is long and violent then I want to become vigilant as to not become panicked and I would probably go into survival mode and help the attendants get everyone around me out.

a. EQ score = 20

2. Imagine that you expect to earn an A in a course you are taking, but you get a C on your midterm exam. What do you do?

My answer would be A- A specific plan to improve your grade, and resolve to implement the plan.

I chose this answer because by owning my own feelings about the grade and the expectations I have set for myself would motivate me to work and study harder so I can get the grade that I want and that I will not let the C grade distract me or derail the academic goals that I have set for myself.

a. EQ Score = 20

3. While riding in a friend's car, your friend becomes enraged at another driver who just cut in front of him. What would you do?

My answer would be A - Tell your friend to let it slide and that's it's no big deal.

I chose this answer because even though our emotions run high when someone does this to us, we need to take a deep breath and calm down. Trying to get revenge on the other driver only causes additional anger and dangerous outcomes. However, when you take the time to calm down and try to realize that there could be some reason why the other driver cut you off then you are showing awareness of your anger and understanding that the other driver might have some particular reason for driving recklessly. There is no need in my opinion to endanger other drivers on the road because of our own anger.

a. EQ Score = 20

4. You and your girlfriend or boyfriend have just had an argument that became a heated shouting contest. By now, you're both very upset, and each of you has started making nasty personal attacks on the other. What do you do?

My answer would be A - Suggest that that the two of you take a 20-minute break to cool down and then continue the discussion.

I chose this answer because when two people are in a relationship they need to have understanding and patience. They also need



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